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The Basic Things You Need to Survive Being Lost in the Wilderness

The Basic Things You Need to Survive Being Lost in the Wilderness

by Khirol HazwanFebruary 1, 2017

The hustle and bustle of a busy city can really become tiring. This is especially true to people who have always lived in it through most of their lives. It comes as no surprise that these individuals prefer to go on adventures in the wilderness that will allow them to stay as far as possible from the city.

Of course, traversing the wild is no walk in the park. People, who wish to do it, should be able to pick up enough survival tips before they go on one in order to endure a harsher environment. If you are planning a wilderness trip, then you should learn which basic necessities you must have in case you find yourself lost in the wild. Here are some of them:

Water Catchment

In the wild, water sources are not always going to be available to you, which is why it is up to you to provide your very own water catchment and filtration system. There are several ways you can collect water. Various materials can be used in order to do so. Aside from your water bottle, you can also use items such as plastic bags, pieces of bamboo, hallow logs, rags, or pieces of cloth to collect water.


Food is another item you must have with you in order to survive the wilderness. Prepare to pack enough supplies of spirulina, wheatgrass, maca powder, and a sprouting kit. They should be able to sustain you for a long time. However, you can rely on edible plants and flowers, which you can find in your environment once you run out of your food supplies.

Light and Heat Source

Providing yourself with an ample amount of light and heat source in the wild is an important skill to learn. Make it easier for yourself by always bringing some matches with you on your wilderness trips. If they are not an option, then prepare to rub two sticks together in order to produce fire. Remember that fire can be used for many things not just for heat and light. It can also be used for cooking, killing off parasites, or as an emergency signal.

Insulating Clothing Materials

The weather and temperature in the wilderness can be very hard to tell. It is always good to be prepared for harsh and extreme phenomenon by bringing insulating clothing materials with you. They should include under layers and heavy jackets. Extra blankets could also give you extra protection from the cold.

Versatile Knife

Bringing a versatile knife on your wilderness trip can be very helpful. It can be used for several things including cutting plants to get their moisture, preparing food, creating other tools for survival, and cutting vines and branches to build yourself a shelter. Be very picky with the knife you bring with you though; they need to be a versatile one in order to do all these things mentioned above.

These are the basic items you need in order to survive in the wilderness. If you suddenly find yourself lost, try not to panic and recall all the things you learned about surviving. You’ll be fine in the end!

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