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4 Unique Learning Methods in 2017

Educators in the best international schools in the Philippines are faced with a dilemma on how to help their students learn more effectively. Students these days are facing more and more distractions thanks to technology and the entertainment it brings, which forces educators and even parents to look for new ways for their kids to learn. A new year brings new possibilities and opportunities for you to introduce your kids to learn in new ways.

Spaced Learning

This is a new learning method created by educators from the Monkseaton High School in Tyne and Wear wherein the learning content is repeated three times in one session. The system will be divided into 5 parts, it will have the three-segmented condensed learning content and will have a 10-15-minute break in between the content. The varied activity will force the brain cells to create associations from the learning content and the physical activities. It will be easier for the kids to remember the content because of the positive associations with it. There is also less stress for the students since the lesson will be repeated and they get to relax in between sessions.

Cooperative Learning

Traditional methods, that some schools still use, has stood the test of time but now educators should aim to restructure their methods and instead of focusing on communicating the content one-way and as much info as possible as well. This structure aims to create content that will encourage engagement between students and teachers as well as between the students themselves. This will promote an environment that is very conducive to learning and could be the birth to unique ideas. This will also turn the kids to active learners instead of passive ones, they will be able to remember the content and even form new ideas and opinions themselves.

Goal Setting

Setting unique and individual goals will help the student track their progress even better. Proper goals that are set will also help the educator to plan for the best ways for the students to achieve these goals. The teacher will also be able to manage their time better by seeing how each student progresses. They can easily see which kids need more assistance and those that need to be challenged a bit more. Helping a kid achieve their goals will increase the mood of the kids and will help them remember the lessons they learned for each goal.


Technology Integration

Children today are privileged to have a tool such as the internet right at the tips of their finger thanks to smartphones, tablets and computer. The problem with this is that some kids are even more savvy than the educators that teach them. This is why educators should invest time into being as savvy with the current wave technology. They can use this technology as new avenues of learning, by connecting with the kids through their interests they will be able to capture their attention easier and the kids may retain the knowledge much better.

The environment that surrounds your kids changes everyday, their interests change and technology develops. The challenge of an educator is to keep up with these changes and adapt in order for them to continue to educate their kids effectively.

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