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5 New Romantic Spots BGC has to Offer

5 New Romantic Spots BGC has to Offer

by Khirol HazwanMarch 20, 2017

If modernity is what you’re looking for then look no further! Bonifacio Global City is the place you’ve been searching for! Arguably, one of the best well-planned cities in the country; BGC’s skyline is riddled with high-rise buildings and corporate establishments that make it one of the most urbanized cities in Metro Manila that makes it a city of constant progress.Although it is full of buildings and corporations, BGC still has romantic spots that make it a getaway for couples; some even love the city so much, they looked for condominiums for sale in The Fort, and decided to stay for good.

5 New Romantic Spots BGC has to Offer

If ever you’re looking for a great place to spend with the one you love, then BGC is the perfect place for you! Here’s a list of romantic spots in BGC:


#1. Greenway Park

 Greenway Park

 If you’re both fitness enthusiasts, then you can schedule a jogging session in the longest urban park in the Philippines. The sight of nature and fresh air will make a memory worth remembering. Imagine yourselves jogging or walking through one of the most romantic trails you’ll ever see; the fresh air, the dim lights, the beauty of the greenery are the perfect mood setter for couples who just want to have a good time while spending time with each other. If you like it to keep it spontaneous and simple, then this is the place for you!


#2. Pastel’s Calamansi and Sampaguita

 Pastel’s Calamansi and Sampaguita

Does your relationship involve OOTD’s and involve photos that are #relationshipgoals worthy? Then maybe posing in front of biggest and prettiest mural in BGC’s Corporate Center will up your Instagram game a little bit. The aptly named mural depicts a branch of a calamansi tree and pieces of sampaguita flowers with a black background with vibrant colors used to give life and depth to the simple pieces of plants depicted in the painting. A photo here will definitely be one of the Instagram worthy photos that you’ll have.


#3. The Mind Museum

The Mind Museum 

Do you share a love of science with your significant other? Then maybe you should try one of the premier science museums in the country! The Mind Museum is the first museum in the country that introduced a T-rex exhibit; they even have over 250 interactive exhibits that are scattered in five interconnected areas. They even have two outdoor areas that act as zones that promote discovery through nature; if you guys, as a couple, go crazy over science then this might just do the trick and make you full on science nerds!


#4. Burgos Circle and The Tree

Burgos Circle and The Tree

Are you both foodies? Are you the type to go restaurant hopping and try different cuisines in a single day? Then you should try Burgos Circle! It has an array of restaurants that are not only romantic but also diverse; the ambience that it gives off will not only make it a night to remember but it will also become one of your beloved “pig-out” spots. From healthy food to American style pubs, you’ll never get enough of the offerings of Burgos Circle. And to cap the night off, you guys can take a stroll through the parks to reach a landmark called The Tree; a sculpture that signifies the circle of life, if you both stand at its center, you’ll probably forget everything around you and realize that the only thing that matters is the person in front of you.


#5. Shangri-La at the Fort

Shangri-La at the Fort

Give each other a luxurious place to stay in that you’ll both surely love; try the Horizon Club that boasts its deluxe interiors, breathtaking view, and premium amenities. Spend the night eating local and international cuisine that takes your palate to a rollercoaster ride that you’ll both surely love. Stay classy in this place and enjoy what the Shang at the Fort has to offer.

Your feelings for each other will surely be renewed through the experiences you share and BGC has what you guys need!         


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