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Creative Crafts To Sell To Stay Productive This Summer

Creative Crafts To Sell To Stay Productive This Summer

by Khirol HazwanMay 25, 2017

Summer vacation is a great time to have fun with your friends but there are days where you still get bored. You can turn these boring days into opportunities. You can create and sell crafts this summerso you can make some cash while having fun. Here are a few things you can try out:

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Pallet Plaques

Picture frames can get boring and dull. Why not turn to upcycling to create some really stylish ones that you can easily do yourself? The best part about this is that you’ll never make one that is exactly the same from the other. Every pallet plaque can be customized with unique colours and embellishments. These kinds of crafts have been popular lately and you are sure to be able to sell some of your work.


Rope Bowls

All you need for this one is some rope, a bowl, and a glue gun. You simply need to wrap the rope around a bowl for the shape, carefully glue the rope together, remove the bowl, and you have your rope bowl! These are perfect for holding fruit, yarn, napkins, bread, etc. Vary the kinds of ropes and bowls you use to create different kinds of bowls for your customers to choose from.
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Washi Tape Mini Wood Pallet Coasters

Washi tape has been all the rage nowadays and you are sure to make a few bucks by selling washi tape coasters. All you need are washi tape, craft sticks, and glue and you can go crazy making your own designs. Also these are small so they are easy to pack and sell.


Mason Jar Prism Light

These lights create beautiful patterned shadows that can be customized in multiple ways. With some a led candle light, mason jars, glass stones in different shapes and colours, and some glue, you could make these yourself. Be patient when trying to glue the glass stones to the jar; it’ll be worth it! Once you’re done making the jar, just place the led candle inside and you’re ready to put a price tag on them.


Etched Wooden Spoons

Etch some boring wooden spoons to give them a modern twist. Simply get a soldering iron, heat it up and you can start etching out your unique designs. But be careful! A soldering iron’s nature is to burn so keep it away from your clothes, skins, or anything else that’s not your wooden spoon. Make sure to unplug it when you’re not using it.

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Painted Dishes

This is another one for those who love to design. With some porcelain paint or a porcelain pen, you can easily turn plainly white pieces of dishware and turn them into pieces of art that ywould make anyone smile while using them. You don’t have to worry about making a mistake because you can scratch the ink away with a razor blade. The best part is that, if you bake the dishware afterwards, then they become dishwasher safe!


Pompom Bookmark

All you need are yarn and scissors for this one. Cut an 8-inch piece of yarn and wrap 90 loops of more yarn around this. Slide the 8-inch out then tie it tightly around the middle of the 90 loops you just made. This should make a ball of yarn with two sets of loops on each side. Tie a 15-inch piece of yarn to this for the bookmark. Then, use a pair of scissors to cut the two sets of loops and your yarnball should start looking like a pompom! Trim it to shape it just like how a gardener shapes hedges and you have your pompom bookmark!


Do these with your friends and family to have the perfect bonding experience. Who knows? It might turn into a legit business for you in the future.

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