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How to Take Care of an Aging Dog

How to Take Care of an Aging Dog

by Khirol HazwanJanuary 30, 2017

Aging can cause a lot of stress and discomfort to your dogs but conditions such as cataracts in dogs and obesity can be avoided or handled with proper care. As a dog ages their needs start to vary as well, there are different requirement in regards to their nutrition and exercise. As an owner or even as a dog parent you want the best for your dog, you have to invest time and effort into helping your senior dog live a comfortable life despite the conditions they may face.

Set Time for Exercise

Usually as a dog ages he/she becomes less active, they may not play around as much or usually get tired much quicker than usual but this does not mean you will let them res and lie down the whole day. It is important for you to set some time daily to still go on walks with them, even if they are short walks it helps keep your dog young and the joints healthy.

Manage Their Weight

Obesity is a common condition that senior dogs have, it causes them to be lethargic and will restrict movement. It is important to focus on formulating a strict diet and pairing it with a regular exercise schedule to keep your dog’s weight down. Nowadays, it is much easier to do this thanks to certain medications you could find at the vet as well as the varied choices of food for them, some are specially formulated for weight management. Keeping your dogs from obesity will make sure that they are more lively and can move freely as they want.

Proper Dental Hygiene

Some senior dogs face serious complications due to the bacteria that build up in their mouths. The bacteria is cause by gingivitis build up in ill kept teeth and this bacteria can easily enter the dog’s bloodstream, that paired with a weaker immune system can cause the dog illness. A good way to prevent this is by brushing your dog’s teeth on a weekly basis and regular cleaning with the vet. There are also treats that when consumed by the dog, will help clean and maintain their teeth and gums.

Bring them to the Vet Regularly

Senior dogs will have a lot more maintenance issues as compared to their younger counterparts. This means you should continuously be tracking or monitoring the state of their health and the best way to do this is through professional consulting. Schedule monthly visits with the vet so that they can give you a better idea of how your dog is doing and the necessary steps you have to take to tackle it. They can give you a list of actions and medications you have to make to make sure that your dog will be healthy as long as they can. They will be your number one ally to help your dog live a long and comfortable life.

A dog is more than a pet, they are your friend, sometimes even your family and what wouldn’t you do to help your family age as gracefully as possible.

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