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Surviving in the Woods

Surviving in the Woods

by Khirol HazwanJune 7, 2017

The wood, though rich in wildlife and anything related to nature, can be a dangerous and catastrophic destination for your camping trip. Should you decide that your next camping destination be in the woods, heed extreme caution.

A lot of things can happen in the woods, from any form of wildlife being out to get you to any sickness being carried by countless organisms inflicted on to the unsuspecting victim that is you. In order to survive, if ever you find yourself stuck in the middle of the woods with no hope of rescue, here are some things that can help you do so.

1.  Research the Terrain

Before you even think about going to the woods to camp, make sure that you research on anything about the land you’re about to set foot on. Anything you find can prove useful to you in times of crises such as the abundance of plants both edible and toxic, any wild animals to steer clear of, and even the nearest roads to help you find your way back home.

2.  Take Necessary Precautions

Anything from putting on spraying yourself with anti-bug spray to packing any item that can serve as your weapon of choice. It never hurts to pack everything and anything you think you may need. Even if it is generally deemed unnecessary, who knows, that item may save your life if ever.

Also, any precaution you take is extremely vital to your survival, especially when it comes to basic knowledge on fending off wild animals. If ever you’ve learned how to fend off predators such as wolves or bears before you set out, then rest assured you’ll be fine.

3.  Find a Nearby Source of Water

In order to stay alert at all times in the wild, keeping yourself hydrated is a definite must. Though you may bring your own pack of water, your supply of it will dwindle in time. To ensure that you stay hydrated, find a nearby source of water for you to drink. Once you’ve found your water source, camp out there for your convenience.

Another thing you should learn regarding this is how to purify water to make it safe for you to drink. Purifying water is a skill that can prove vital to your survival as though you may have found a suitable source of water, even rainwater, you never know if it’s really safe from bacteria or any other elements of harm. Drinking without purifying can have disastrous consequences.

4.  Learn How to Build Shelter

When you’re out in the woods, building shelter is an essential skill for you to learn. Even when building a tent or a makeshift one, you’ll have to learn the necessary fundamentals in establishing a strong campsite for you to survive in. Make sure your shelter is able withstand some elements such as strong winds or rain and is able to keep standing for certain periods of time.

5.  Learn How to Make a Campfire

Above all else, staying warm is key to your survival. When your body is at its warmest temperature, not only will you stay alert, but also ensure your safety by decreasing the chances of suffering frostbite or hypothermia due to the cold temperatures of the night. For this, make sure to learn of the many ways to start a fire, with different kinds of kindling to fire starters.

The woods can be frightening to many. However, if you’re equipped with the necessary skills to survive, you will definitely come out okay.

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