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The Benefits of Sponsored Blog Posts for Advertisers and Publishers

Sponsored blog posts can provide many benefits for both the advertisers and publishers. These benefits can pan out farther than consumer impressions (how often your product can be seen online). Here are the top four benefits, among the many, that you can get from sponsored blogging:

BENEFIT #1: Sponsored blog posts allow your brand to be exposed to vast and new demographics.


When you collaborate with a blogger for sponsored content, your brand immediately earns access to that blogger’s followers on social media, blog subscribers, and unique daily visitors. Whenever a brand reaches potential customers, they tap into demographics that traditional advertising and marketing can’t. Even better, most of the blogger’s audience is – more often than not – already in your key demographic already.

Whether you are looking to announce the launch of a brand new product or service, or you’re having a promotion on your website, a sponsored blog post can help you assure the magnitude of your reach. You can easily analyze how much return on investment you’re getting using social engagement, social media followers, blog comments, site visibility, and – ultimately – web traffic.

BENEFIT #2: You can be sure that your message is sent across with the most authentic voice.

Bloggers that write sponsored posts are usually given projects that promote brands without sounding promotional. In hindsight, you can notice that the blogger has mentioned the facts about your brand and the features of your product while keeping an authentic and natural tone. These bloggers are an expert in doing so because of the many years of experience, letting them know their audiences by heart. Also, their blog followers already trust them – so it is likely that whatever products the blogger represents, they will trust as well. This adds to your credibility in the market instantly.

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BENEFIT #3: Sponsored blog posts increase your web traffic and improve your social media presence.

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It all comes down to SEO at the end of the day. It is common to see an instant, strong impact on brands created by sponsored blogging. This can be accomplished through shared links in social media posts or blog posts. These can direct web traffic towards you or your social media accounts. This huge boost in SEO will make a lasting impact. Because the effects are a two-way street, it is a win-win situation: bloggers will increase their own web traffic and social media followers, tagging your product in the process – so you get the rewards as well.

BENEFIT #4: Sponsored blog posts give your product access to engaging, original content.

…and there’s nothing quite better than that. In the world of PR and marketing, there is no strategy or tool that can beat compelling and shareable content that hasn’t been published before. Sponsored blog posts are able to create actionable content every single day – and the kind that their readers enjoy, too. This is the most fantastic news that you can get. Note that when the sponsored post has been published, you can “reuse” the post by publishing (or linking to) it on your own social media channels. You can also link to it or feature it in your email newsletters, or even on your own blog, if you have one.

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These benefits are only the tip of the iceberg. For these reasons, sponsored blogging has remained at the front of the competitive marketing game. Whether you’re in advertising or publishing, or even if you own the brand itself, sponsored blog posts are a definite must in your marketing efforts.

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