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Reasons Why Bintan Should Be In Your Bucket List

Reasons Why Bintan Should Be In Your Bucket List

by Khirol HazwanJanuary 26, 2017

Bintant island also kown as Negeri Segantang Lada is a beautiful island that is more than just a typical holiday resort and it offers a lot of for you to do. Bintan is easy to peg as resort central that checks off every Singaporeans’ list of being the best retreat heaven for a weekend getaway. The Indonesian island is home to some of the most astonishing and stunning hotels and resorts. Of course, the island is proven to be more than a resort destination with more than a few tricks up its sleeve, ranging from natural wonders to man-made marvels.

Reasons why Bintan should be in your bucket list

Getting to Bintan is surprisingly easy where taking a ferry from Singapore to Bintan takes less than an hour. Although the trip is short, you will still need to check in at least at least 1.5 hours before the ferry departure time. Without further ado, let’s head out to explore the real Bintan with the following things to do.

Gunung Bintan Adventure Trek

Take two to four hours out of your day and hike up the 340 meter summit of Gunung Bintan so that you can get the one of a kind view of island. You can have an adventure while you search for the hidden waterfall and your reward will be a dip in it to freshen up.

Smell the beautiful flowers while you listen to the exotic birds sing. You may even catch sight of an adorable monkey.

500 Lohan Temple (Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Vihara)

The 500 Lohan Temple is host to 500 life size sculptures and have a walk through this Buddhist shrine sculpture mazes as you take in the information etched at their feet and the craved details before you.

Kelong Seafood Restaurant and Calypso Floating Bar

Enjoy the breathless view of the sunset as you sit over the ocean enjoy the tastiest and freshest seafood that Bintan has to offer at Kelong Seafood Restaurant.

After dinner take a short stroll to Calypso Floating bar which is surrounded by water and enjoy the delicious cocktails the bartender has to offer.

Gurun Pasir Busung 

Give yourself a chance to explore the sand dunes of Gurun Pasir Busung in the diversity of Bintan’s landscapes. In between all the gorgeous rain forests and clear topical beaches you will find the Gurun Pasir Busung which is a stretch of desert.

It is an Instagrammer’s favorite with its outstanding undisturbed natural beauty. You will feel like you are in the Arabian nights while the soft sand lightly tickles your feet.

MV Doulos Phos

As you are traveling on the ferry from Singapore to Bintan try to get to know some of Bintan’s interesting history. You will discovery that there is an abandoned ship next to Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal that you can go and visit.

MV Doulos Phos is her name and she will offer you many photo-ops while you visit. She was built for transporting people and food. She was a bookstore and now she is being turned into a boutique hotel.

Danau Biru in Kawal

If you had enough time being at the sea then take a trip to Danau Biru in Kawal to see the breath taking blue of the lake with the eye catching white of the sand.

The active mining has helped shaped Danau Biru to what it looks like today and it is not a tourist destination. You can expect to have some quiet time while you enjoy the smell of the sea lake air with your packed lunch.

Kepri Marine Festival

Every year Bintan hosts its Kepri Marine Festival (or Festival Bahari Kepri) to celebrate the land of Bintan. The festival happens in Tanjung Pinang and can attract visitors from across the globe.

The events that you can witness at the festival can range from dragon boat racing to good old sailing. There is the Kepri Carnival that has 100 performers in colorful costumes that are inspired by the nautical roots of the island walking down the waterfront.

Treasure Bay Bintan

When the sights of Bintan no longer do it for you, you can get your love back for the landscape of Bintan by indulging in the water sport actives that are on Treasure Bay. There are so many activities to choose from that you will find your favorite one in no time.

Rumah Arang

Igloos are not only found in Greenland and other cold places but also in the tropical Bintan. These beehive looking igloos made out of brinks where once used to burn mangrove to make charcoal by the nomadic Sea Gypsies. Now they are quickly becoming a tourist dream destination.

Trail of the Sea Gypsies

In Bintan you can go out of the boarders of the resort and see the Sea Gypsies who are the nomadic people of Bintan. Learn their culture and traditions as they show you their skill in boat making and house on stills building.

Aroma River Spa

This spa offers the Riau Body Massage and De-stress River Spa Package so that every each of your body is covered while you enjoy the sights and sounds of the rain forest that surrounds you.

Tasik Diver Bintan

Explore the underwater world while snorkeling in Bintan. As you are riding your ferry from Singapore to Bintan you will just want to jump out and explore the ocean and here you can.

Power Paintball, ATV, Shooting Range

Take an off road trip with an ATV or practice or shoot at the target range or even go against your friends in Power Paintball to see which is the best team The games are varied and the time to play is now.

White Sands Island

What to feel what it would be like to have your own private island? You can by going to White Sands Island where you get to live out your desire for a private island while doing activities of your choice.

You can camp under the stars, snorkel with the brightly colored fishes or go kayaking around the island. When you are finished for the day go grab a drink at the bar or have a picnic by the sea as you watch the sunset.

White Sands Island Turtle Conservation Program

While you are enjoying yourself on White Sands Island do be on the lookout for the ceremony of baby turtles hatching and making their way to the sea. It happens certain periods of the year and you should see if you can be at the right place at the right time to witness this unforgettable, relaxing moment.

Air Adventure Flying Club 

You can feel as if you want to try a new element besides water while at Bintan (from taking the ferry from Singapore to Bintan; doing all the water sports etc. that is a lot of water elements) take an air break with Air Adventure Flying Club.

The open cockpit seaplane being flown by a seasoned pilot with over 20 years of experience will help you refresh your senses while feeling the wind on your face.

Ria Bintan Golf Course

Try your hand at a golf game on this ever green 18 holes golf course. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional a relaxing game of golf in this tropical environment may be just what you need to unwind

Mangrove Discovery Tour

You can take the day tour or the night tour and see the sights of the Mangrove river with its many animals, fishes and birds. There is always something surprising to see, you may even see fishermen at work.

Trikora Beach

Trikora Beach was the original beachfront of Bintan and it is still as lively with people and life as ever before. Take a walk on the white sand as you are greeted by the local people selling their snacks and drinks to you.

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