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Why You Should Never Pay for Links

Why You Should Never Pay for Links

by Khirol HazwanFebruary 23, 2017

Why You Should Never Pay for Links

Links are essential to any efforts for a company to practice SEO. The Philippineshave many businesses trying to figure out how to approach their own SEO efforts and the discussion on paid links begin. Some people offer paid links and at varying prices, these people usually have claims that they are web masters of multiple websites and can use this as a way to build links. One problem is that Google is opposed to this, this is a form of web spam and Google is taking measures to stop this.

It is Frowned Upon by Google

As already stated Google isn’t too happy with this method, this type of web spamming is also known as Google Bombing. This type of spam creates problems for Google, they want to be able to provide users with the best possible results when they search and sometimes spamming links to rank a website interferes with that. That’s why they invest efforts into counteracting these paid links.

You Cannot Hide It

Anyone with link tools and a basic idea of link building can not only track different links but identify paid links at a glance. Imagine Google, these are professionals of course they can identify paid links and non-quality links when they see it. Even if creating back links gets more creative Google will adapt in a way that you won’t be able

Why You Should Never Pay for Links  2

Adverse effects on your Website

If your website is linked to a lot of spam sites for the sake of links, by association your website will be considered as a spam site as well. This means that Google will not consider it as a viable source of quality content and your efforts to rank it may be for nothing. End of the day you may have a lot more cleaning to do and it will end up costing you more.

It’s not the Only Thing That Matters

Links may be important in ranking your website but it is not the only thing that matters. There are other factors that Google takes note of like your brand image, website performance and quality of content. Imagine the money that you spend can be used to improve these other aspects of your SEO strategy.

More Sustainable alternatives

As tempting as it is to used paid links and feel like you are investing in a long term plan for your website that is not the case. Once Google finds out, not if, they will recognize your website as a spam site and to be able to shake that recognition off means even more work and time spent. You’ll be back to square one in no time at all. An organic approach to links is the most sustainable option to go with, it will last longer and won’t garner you any negative reputation.

Paid links are never an option especially if you want your website to rank not just today but for a long period of time. There is no shortcuts when it comes to ranking, once you do invest time into ranking organically you will be thankful you did not pay for any links.

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