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MyKad Smart Shopper Review

MyKad Smart Shopper Review

by Khirol HazwanSeptember 6, 2015

MyKad Smart Shopper is using the Malaysia smart identification card ‘MyKad’ as the shopping card. The program is expanding the usage of the Malaysian identification card MyKad that currently be used as ATM Card, driving license, or Touch N Go card. Believe it or not, using the current MyKad as the alternative is very good choice and can offer many benefit!


A Brief History about MyKad Smart Shopper

The MyKad Smart Shopper program is currently developed and managed by I Synergy Universal Sdn Bhd; the Malaysia companies that focusing on integrated retail marketing solution. This program is also the affiliate program under Affiliate Junction.

The MyKad Smart Shopper is also co-promoted and supported by the National Registration Department (JPN – Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara) and Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC). The MyKad Smart Shopper program is aims to offer a mutually benefit for both Malaysian consumers as well as retailers through this program.

MyKad Smart Shopper Benefit Review

This is a new affiliate program, to make use of Malaysia smart identification card ‘MyKad’ as shopping discount and reward card. The benefit of the program is currently applied to 3 type of target user; Member, Merchants and Affiliates.

MyKad-Smart-Shopper-How Its Working

MyKad Smart Shopper: Member Benefits

  • Totally free to join
  • There is no expired dated for MyKad Smart Shopper membership
  • Save spaces: No need for additional card to carry
  • Enjoy he retail discount card and previleges
  • Earn the reward coins from spending

MyKad Smart Shopper: Merchants Benefits

  • Enjoy the free marketing for your brand / product though word of mouth marketing strategy
  • Mass potential customer, around 27 million Malaysia people
  • No need for extra cost for card membership printing
  • The program is using the Malaysian most carried card ‘MyKad’ as loyalty program ID
  • Hassel free- Sit back and enjoy because Merchants no need to handle and managed the MyKad Smart Shopper program, so that can totally focus retail opearation.

MyKad Smart Shopper: Affiliates Benefits

  • Get reward when referring the new customer to merchants
  • Get reward when referring the new merchants to programs
  • Get reward to promote and recommend good services, program and products.

MyKad Smart Shopper program – How to get starts?

Join the MyKad Smart Shopper program as member is easy. You need to register and become member through any authorized agent or affiliate. The process is simple and most importantly free of charge.

After becoming MyKad Smart Shopper member, you only need to verify your MyCard during check out at any merchant outlet to enjoy the discount, rebates, and reward coins