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Malaysia Broadband Satellite Internet Provider Review

Malaysia Broadband Satellite Internet Provider Review

by Khirol HazwanSeptember 5, 2015

Malaysia internet user actually still have alternative for internet service provider. The common internet services are using cable or mobile 3G broadband. Another choice can be consider is Internet over satellite or satellite internet broadband.

Satellite Internet

Internet over satellite or satellite internet broadband service is the technology that provides Internet services and access via a low, geosynchronous orbiting satellite. The static positions of the satellite relative to the earth will allowing the satellite internet customer remain connected to internet at any time of day!

The signal latency is one serious drawback for satellite Internet access. All packet data transmitted and received will travel from the satellite internet consumer’s computer, through a transmitter, into Earth orbital space to the satellite then return. The round trip is around 45K miles, and can create a serious lag problem. Although many Malaysia satellite internet services provider can offer up to 1.5 Mbps downloads speeds, the average internet satellite speeds only closer to 512Kbps because of the latency.

Satellite internet access is also far from affordable for normal internet user at Malaysia. The satellite broadband service typically costs around RM2500 to RM4500 or more per month. This doesn’t include the satellite broadband equipment which can cost around RM7000 to RM9000 or more, and this is most often an upfront cost.

The positive review about satellite internet is you can setup the satellite internet access internet everywhere you want as long you can see the sky! This giving the great advantages for company that operated at remote location or far at ocean!

The fair review is many satellite internet broadband customers complain about slow or even no Internet access during inclement weather. However these interruptions are generally happen for brief period.

Since the small target user, there only a few Malaysia Broadband Satellite Internet Provider. The Satellite Internet Provider that can be considered is such as IPstar, Maxis, Celcom , or TMnet. Generally all is same, except for the price structure offered by each Malaysia Broadband Satellite Internet Provider. Choose what is suit best for you need!