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The Intricacies Of Personal Injury Law In Car Accident Cases

The Intricacies Of Personal Injury Law In Car Accident Cases

by Khirol HazwanSeptember 8, 2016

car-accident-self-injuryEssentially, being in a car accident can cause pain and suffering. Afterwards, the examination from a doctor reveals that the injuries incurred are indeed serious. At this point, you need to decide on whether or not to pursue compensation, and to do so in a timely manner. In order to claim personal injury there are some important options to consider, along with seeking a personal injury lawyer.

Some Types Of Car Accidents And Ways That They Occur

Car accidents occur in different ways, under various circumstances. Rear-end collisions can occur by tailgating, a driver not paying attention, or an intoxicated driver. Head-on collisions can occur by a driver who is fatigued, a driver using a cell phone, or poor road conditions. Side-impact collisions can occur by a driver who fails to yield the right-of-way or come to a complete stop, or by a driver who is aggressive. Another type of car accident is through running into a pedestrian.

Some Types Of Car Accident Injuries

Some injuries of car accidents include head and neck injuries, scratches and bruises, broken bones, dislocated limbs, or even death.

The Personal Injury Law: Its Origination And Intricacy

The personal injury laws were started at the time when judges produced laws known as common law rules. The judge would make a decision on a case and courts that were lower than his, from the same state, were bound in applying that decision. Eventually, all the binding precedents created the common law. Many common laws were collected in a guidebook known as the Restatement of Torts that many states use as a guide for personal injury cases. These laws vary from state to state, so the personal injury law will not be consistent throughout the country. The very nature of personal law, then, becomes an intricate detail within a car accident case.

Decision To Claim Personal Injury

Even in what seems a minor accident, calling the police and an ambulance to the scene is necessary. A police report is necessary in ascertaining who is at fault. Additionally, receiving medical attention right away from the EMTs then seeking further medical assistance through the emergency room or your own doctor, provides a thorough medical record. These are important steps you can take for pursuing monetary claims of personal injury, should you decide to do so.

While it is important to take care of yourself so that you can recover, time is of the essence in making a claim for personal injury after a car accident. The personal injury lawyer knows the time frame you have in order to seek justice or compensation, if that is even possible. You might live in one of several no-fault car insurance states. Your lawyer can assist you with what to do at that point. However, if you can, you may not even need to enter the courtroom to file a lawsuit. If the one at fault has insurance, an opportunity may arise to settle out of court. The lawyer contacts the insurance with an informal letter, then make demands later. Corroboration of eye witnesses of your side of the story can create the need for the insurance to want to settle. Lawsuits are not only expensive, but also consume large amounts of time. There is also the unpredictability from the chosen jurors.

The time to act after a car accident is immediately, especially in claiming personal injury. Time lost from seeking medical assistance can put you in the at-fault position, which could harm your case. Make sure police are at the scene for proof of fault. Keep accurate records of any medical attention you receive at any time in regards to the accident. Most importantly, seek the assistance of a personal injury lawyer.

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