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How to Improve your Online Customer Service

How to Improve your Online Customer Service

by Khirol HazwanDecember 16, 2016

Customer service has been a crucial part of many businesses, it is a means of communication for the company to the customers, some companies hold customer service at such a high pedestal that their reputation is based on this. Some people build their image of the company on how well they execute their customer service practices. Good customer service also assures that the company has an opportunity to build better relationships with the customer. Better relationships can lead to more business done with the same customers and even spread your brand through word of mouth.

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Be Approachable

You want to have open communication channels, may it be through e-mail or the phone, you have to practice having an open line that your customers can easily access. Most websites have a section in their site that contains details on how to contact them. Some even have a page where you can write down any queries and leave your email address so that the company can email you a reply.

Prompt Replies

Once the customer contacts you, make it your priority to reply as soon as possible. If you are contacted through email, make sure that you reply quickly because that means the customer visited your website and is currently online so you should capitalize on the opportunity. If you are called by the customer it’s best to answer the phone immediately as well. Phone calls is still the best mode of communication because it is instant, you can converse real time and clarify everything right there and then. If a customer’s inquiries are urgent they will surely give you a call so be sure to answer and show the same urgency.

Detailed Responses

The last thing a customer wants when contacting a company because of inquiries is to be left with more questions than answers. When tackling a customer’s queries and concerns make sure that you reply with detail so that the customer has a full understanding of your reply and make sure that they have all the information they are looking for. If there are points in the message that you are not sure of, clarify it with the customer and never assume. If you end up assuming you might supply the customer with false information.


Adjust to the Customer

Keep in mind that customers are all different, each one wants to be treated differently and has different wants and needs. You as the service provider should be the one to adjust to the customer. Personalize your service based on the customer and what they need, show them that you are heavily invested in their inquiries. It is your job to prove that you are both working towards the same goal, by doing this you are supporting your claim that you want to help them and they in turn will be more cooperative to the processes you have to go through.

In the end you are a service provider, and service providers aim to please the customer with the best of their abilities.  That’s why a lot of companies invest in outsourcing call centers in the Philippines so that they can get specialized services just for the customers. Good customer service is definitely key in building a brand so don’t overlook it.

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