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How To Earn Big As A Ghostwriter?

How To Earn Big As A Ghostwriter?

by Khirol HazwanSeptember 9, 2016

Academic Ghostwriting makes sense, and it is all about relationships. If you are to grant somebody an opportunity to tell your life story you would want to ensure it is someone whom you know and trusts.It is worth to pursue your freelancing business if you can write just like telling stories of other people. You should not mind anonymity that is associated with ghostwriting.

Tips for Successful Ghostwriters


Some of the top tips that you should have in mind include:

1. Setting clear expectation

One of the critical reasons why ghostwriting gigs fizzle out while halfway the journey is as a result of unclear expectations. For instance, if you engage in ghostwriting a book for someone then you should be in a position of explaining the timeline and process, how many revisions they are going to get, and they time that you will require feedback from them. Just put this in writing. Sometimes, some crazy stuff may happen hence stopping ghostwriting gigs in its tracks. Often, it is miscommunication and some confusing expectations which are going to make a concert fail

2. Working with Contracts

You need to work on contracts so as to protect yourself and your client as well. People who are not committed will be weeded out by requesting the client to sign a contract. If the customer does not flake out then, you will get protected.

3. Recording all the conversations

The audio recorder is the most valuable tool that a ghostwriter must have possess. So as to capture the voices quickly, one should transcribe the recordings and try to pull the phrases as well as sentences from an interview. It will be better if you use two or more devices to make recordings during an interview. Some of the tops recommended voice recording equipment includes;

  • Mobile Apps –
  • Digital recorder
  • Computer – Audacity and Skype call recorder

4. Talking to client as you write

You can imagine talking to a client while you write. When you get stuck in the process of writing, then you can ask your client questions and write the answers. At such a point, you must have spent a good amount of time with your customer. If you practice the exercise, then you are going to get surprised on how quick you begin to think just like your client.

5. Creating a style guide for client

Each and every one has some phrases or words that we use regularly; clients have them also. What you need to do is to listen carefully to the conversation with a customer or go ahead and examine writing for the vernacular which makes them unique. Go ahead and make a note of the words, add them to the style guide of your client. Remember some clients can be uncomfortable with some words.


Ghostwriting can quickly change your writing career and your life too. It is one of the most rewarding jobs to be done in the writing industry. You can do it personally or monetarily. You can start by writing a blog post and articles for as low as $ 10. Ghostwriting is what is going to make you realize that you can make a sedentary living as a freelancer. This academic ghostwriting can make you do what you like and serve amazing people and get the pay that you deserve.

Daniel McKancy is interested in education programs and he dreams to become an academic ghostwriter

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