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How to Clean Jewelry at Home – Do It Yourself!

How to Clean Jewelry at Home – Do It Yourself!

by Khirol HazwanSeptember 17, 2015

Do you know that there have different way to take care of your diamond your precious jewelry to make it clean as new. This post I would like to share about different way of cleaning process that you can practice to keep your precious diamond sparkling brilliant again, just like you just buy from jeweler!

Some people rather to do their own diamond cleaning at home. For information, there are some cleaning tips you can try and done at home. However, bear in mind to check the warranty agreement first before doing any jewelry cleaning on your own. If the diamond care included in that warranty agreements, then just go back to the jewelers where you purchase and get the professional cleaning. By the way, if you still interested to do your own cleaning, here is the suggested method.

How to Clean Your Diamond and Jewelry at Home

Home Detergent to Clean Jewelry

The first cleaning method you can try is by using warm and mild detergent bath to clean up you diamond. Just find a bowl and fill it with warm water. Then just add a mild detergent you have near you around the house into that bowl. You can use gentle bathroom cleaner or some people just use the dish detergent.

After that, you need the toothbrush or eyebrow brush do cleaning. You just need to gently brush your diamond with that tool under sudsy water to loosen any dirt or oil on your precious diamond.

How to Clean Jewelry at Home

Afterwards, carefully rinse your diamond by placing it into a strainer with holes smaller than diamond. Then remove all soap by running it under warm water. Please keep in mind that, do not use ‘hard’ detergent like chlorine bleach. That type of cleanser is much too harsh for your jewelry.

Buy the Jewelry Cleaner

Instead of using home ready cleaner, there are also cleaner that specifically for diamond care available at market. You can buy it and just try at home. What you need to do is just follows the instruction carefully on how to dipping your diamond into cleaner. Tips for quick-dip cleaning is don’t touch the diamond right after cleaning. This is to avoid the oils from your finger to be easily transfer to you precious diamond or jewelry. Take your time to allow the diamond to become completely dry after quick-dip cleaning. After dry completely , you can wear your diamond back or return to it storage.

Soaking the Jewelry 

Cold water soak is one of diamond care procedure you can try at home. Fill a bowl with half household ammonia and solution of half cold water. Then just place your diamond into the cleanser and let the diamond soak into its for about 30 minutes.

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaning 

Cleaning tool like diamond ultrasonic cleaning unit also available at market. This type of machine usually have a little cup that you will fill with water and cleanser and place to insert your jewelry. Just turn on the ultrasonic cleansing unit, the rest will done by that ultrasonic cleansing unit. The high speed motion will clean dirt and oils off from you diamond or jewelry.

Store Jewelry Individually 

After done with diamond cleaning process, another important thing is post-cleaning process is how you store the diamond if not wearing it. When storing your diamond or jewelry , please do not mix all of them together. Diamond are gemstones that can scratch other jewelry or diamond. Place your diamond into individual box unless you wrap the each pieces of diamond with tissue paper. Also consider to place the jewelry pieces into fabric lined jewelry box or large case that have individual divider that each have lined with fabric to protect.

Cool Jewelry Storage

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