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Getting Customer Feedback For Product Management

Getting Customer Feedback For Product Management

by Khirol HazwanSeptember 13, 2016

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Developing a product takes a lot of work in the process of bringing it to the market. It takes long hours and meetings to provide a company’s product with its satisfaction. And of course, product managers would want to know if their customers will connect with a new release product to know if there are any progress at all. But not all product sales are most likely to succeed. One of the best ways to launch a successful product is to monitor customer feedback.

Getting to know your customer feedback will help you gain ideas on how to improve on your product and gain prospective buyers. So here are some ways:

Gather Ideas from Supporters

If your product has made progress with your customers over some time, by now you would probably have a community of supporters and loyalists. Now this is a great advantage to gather user feedback, because they have experienced your product’s service and will most likely try it again if a new release comes.

Try meeting with these supporters and gather data from them whenever you have a new product to release. You can put your supporter’s ideas on your website or your social networks and invite other customers to join as well.

Use Social Media Sites

Social media networks have played a huge role in today’s marketing techniques. Every brand nowadays interact with their customers through various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Using such social media sites will help you interact with your customers better, allowing you to gather more feedbacks and opinions from different users.

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Try handing out surveys on which ideas they would love better on your next product release. This will make your customers feel interactive with the process complying their needs with your concern. The more active you are on social media sites, the more you get feedback from your customers.

Update your Websites and Apps

In marketing your products, it is a necessity for you to have your own company’s website or app. This will function as a platform to collect more feedbacks from your customers. Also make sure to update your website and applications towards your customer’s interests to let them know that your product is currently active. Attending a product management training course will show you that it is important to capture your customer’s needs and motivations to achieve more results from user feedbacks.

Keep your homepage up to date for those who wish to learn more about your product. Give your customers the freedom to put in their comments about the product so that you would know what to improve on your product.

Email Marketing and Making Announcements

Whenever you’re making announcements or emails, there are always opportunities for you to gather feedbacks from your customers. Make sure that every time you make an announcement or write an email, do not forget to invite customers from giving their feedbacks to provide their thoughts about the product. Even when making small announcements such as social media status updates. See to it that you seize every given opportunity to get a feedback.

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