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How Digital Marketing Evolved Through The Years

How Digital Marketing Evolved Through The Years

by Khirol HazwanDecember 13, 2016

Marketing has come a long way, soon any form of print advertisements may become obsolete and inefficient. There have been advancements in mass media that it’s not as simple as awareness anymore, consumers are getting smarter and they want more than just a gimmick. It was once as simple as eye catching ads and catchy titles now it’s more about personalized searches and a need for semantic tagging services. The evolution is not only consistent but progressing at a staggering rate and you shouldn’t be surprised if by tomorrow there’s a new form of marketing.

How Digital Marketing Evolved Through The Years

Traditional Methods

The earliest form of any form of mass communication dates back to the 1450s with the printing press. It soon gained traction and by the 1730s you can see the rise of magazines and the pages of advertisements that come with it. By the early 1900s advertising once again has evolved, you now can see and hear advertisement. Television and radio advertising were the popular choice and at the time it was the most effective way to reach the public. For a few years these were the main modes of marketing and the purpose was to give the audience enough information on the products or services to get them interested and visit their stores or contact them for more.

Digital Marketing’s Beginnings

The term digital marketing was first used in 1990 along with the first search engine named Archie. The public now had access to more information on the web and in a few years advertisements are online as well as clickable banners. When clicked these banners will send the user to another site to provide them more information. Soon after other small search engines also joined the search engine movement and the ability to do transactions online have also developed. The biggest leap towards digital marketing was made in the 2000s, social media platforms such as LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and Facebook launches. This also marks the time when Google is established.

Utilization and Continuous Refining of Digital Marketing

The smaller search engines are gone by this time and Google has taken over the industry. They set themselves apart from the other search engines by providing quality results for users. Search engines have started to use algorithms to rank results. Ultimately this aims to study the users search options and provide the best matched results. Social media have also been on the rise at this point, companies are starting to utilize it knowing that this is the next big platform for advertisements. Overall companies are doing this to have a more personal relationship with its audience at the same time give all the information they need. SEO marketing has also become a useful tool, making use of keywords and quality content to reach the users.

Marketing will forever be changing and evolving, there will be new platforms and strategies to use. The challenge is to keep up and predict these trends because at a blink of an eye you could get left behind.

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