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Complete and Partial Dentures in Anchorage

Complete and Partial Dentures in Anchorage

by Khirol HazwanSeptember 15, 2015

Complete and Partial Dentures in Anchorage

For those who have lost some of their teeth due to tooth decay, injury or periodontal diseases, dentures are the best solution to regain your smile. Ever since their inception, continuous improvements have been made on dentures to make them more comfortable and natural looking. The advancements have borne fruits since the number of complications arising from them has drastically reduced and in its place lays a full wave of advantages and health benefits.

There are two types of dentures in anchorage; complete or partial. Partial dentures are only used to replace one or a few teeth while complete dentures cover the entire lower and upper jaws.

Partial Dentures In Anchorage
A partial denture is a removable appliance used in dentistry to replace missing teeth. They are normally made up of a combination of plastic teeth, gums and a metal framework for support. A partial denture has two main methods of attachment on the jaws. One of them is by attaching it to the other teeth using clasps while the other method involves attaching it with crowns and hidden clasp.

Therefore if you are missing a few teeth in any of your jaws, visit any dentistry services in anchorage where with the help of qualified dental personnel, you will be able to replace the missing teeth with a partial denture. The biggest advantage of removable partial dentures is that you only need a minimum of two teeth on each jaw in order to use it.

Complete Dentures In Anchorage
Complete dentures come in various types. An immediate complete denture is usually inserted in the mouth as soon as all the other teeth have been removed. Before undertaking an immediate complete denture, you are required to undergo a preliminary visit to your cosmetic dentist where the relevant measurements of the jaws are taken. If you choose to undertake this procedure, then you do not need to be without your teeth during the healing process.

A conventional denture is one which is measured designed and placed into a patient’s mouth after all the teeth have been carefully removed and gum tissues have healed. The main disadvantage of this procedure is that a dental tissue may take at least several months to heal.

With well installed complete or partial dentures in anchorage, you will not only speak more clearly but also enjoy food and smile more confidently. In addition, dentures are a great boost to your health since without them, facial muscles tend to sag thus making a person look older than they actually are. However, there are also some other factors that you should know before you go for a dental implant in anchorage.

One integral factor is that dentures do not last forever. As much as you go for affordable dentures in Anchorage that look strong or long lasting, you should adhere to the fact that they should be replaced after every two years in a process known as a reline. If you do not replace them, you may end up with loose dentures that may be an inconvenience instead of a dental aid. If you perform a reline after two years, then your dentures may last between five and seven years. Another factor that should be considered is cleaning them regularly to avoid poor dental hygiene on your gums.