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Things You Need to Know When Crossing International Boundaries

Things You Need to Know When Crossing International Boundaries

by Khirol HazwanJuly 31, 2017

One of the most interesting experiences in life that people should do at least once in their lives is to travel in a different country. No matter what destination you take, being ina foreign land will always bring about a slew of experiences that could last your lifetime.But before deciding to travel, it is important to prepare yourself. One thing that should be on your mind is to make sure your phone would be able to work. Factors like your SIM network and PINshould be taken into account to make sure that you’ll be able to use your phone. Here are other things that you need to know before you cross international boundaries.

  1. Proper Documentation

One of the most important things that you need to be able to travelinternationally is having the right documents to do so. The first thing you’ll need is a passport, which is every country’s standard form of identification for people going outside of the country. Other than your passport, there are different kinds of travels documents that you may need, like a visa which a good amount of countries require.

  1. Declare Your Goods

One of the best things about going to a different country is to be able to buy products that are not present in your own country. But before you are able to go back home with these newly-bought products, you must declare them accordingly. If you are buying these for different people, you have to declare them as gifts, if you are buying for your personal use, you have to declare them as part of your personal exemption.

  1. Roaming Number

To be able to use your mobile phone even while abroad, you must register toyour phone network’s roaming services. By using this, you would be able to use your phone abroad without much hassle. This comes in handy, especially when you need to make a few important calls back home, or send some messages to your loved ones.

  1. Bringing Pets

It is legal to bring pets to most countries abroad, but of course, they need to have proper documentation as well. Proof of ownership is required to ensure that your pet legally belongs to you. Another document that you need to present are your pets’ medical records which show that they are vaccinated, and do not bring dangerous diseases.

  1. Know Your Way

One of the problems that most people encounter when they go to a different country is losing their way and getting lost. While this may be a common problem amongst tourists and visitors, it is a problem that requires a simple solution. One of the best ways to prevent this is by getting navigation apps and researching about the country you will visit beforehand.

Key Takeaway

Going to a different country is a fun and colorful experience, and making sure that you have everything prepared for your trip would make sure that you would not experience any inconvenience during your time there. If you know someone who would like to travel soon, better show them these handy tips.

About the Author

Kathleen Calado – The IT girl next door who loves travel and photography. Passionate about make-ups and a frustrated dancer. Her dream is to travel all around the world and write a blog for every country that she visits.

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5 New Romantic Spots BGC has to Offer

5 New Romantic Spots BGC has to Offer

by Khirol HazwanMarch 20, 2017

If modernity is what you’re looking for then look no further! Bonifacio Global City is the place you’ve been searching for! Arguably, one of the best well-planned cities in the country; BGC’s skyline is riddled with high-rise buildings and corporate establishments that make it one of the most urbanized cities in Metro Manila that makes it a city of constant progress.Although it is full of buildings and corporations, BGC still has romantic spots that make it a getaway for couples; some even love the city so much, they looked for condominiums for sale in The Fort, and decided to stay for good.

5 New Romantic Spots BGC has to Offer

If ever you’re looking for a great place to spend with the one you love, then BGC is the perfect place for you! Here’s a list of romantic spots in BGC:


#1. Greenway Park

 Greenway Park

 If you’re both fitness enthusiasts, then you can schedule a jogging session in the longest urban park in the Philippines. The sight of nature and fresh air will make a memory worth remembering. Imagine yourselves jogging or walking through one of the most romantic trails you’ll ever see; the fresh air, the dim lights, the beauty of the greenery are the perfect mood setter for couples who just want to have a good time while spending time with each other. If you like it to keep it spontaneous and simple, then this is the place for you!


#2. Pastel’s Calamansi and Sampaguita

 Pastel’s Calamansi and Sampaguita

Does your relationship involve OOTD’s and involve photos that are #relationshipgoals worthy? Then maybe posing in front of biggest and prettiest mural in BGC’s Corporate Center will up your Instagram game a little bit. The aptly named mural depicts a branch of a calamansi tree and pieces of sampaguita flowers with a black background with vibrant colors used to give life and depth to the simple pieces of plants depicted in the painting. A photo here will definitely be one of the Instagram worthy photos that you’ll have.


#3. The Mind Museum

The Mind Museum 

Do you share a love of science with your significant other? Then maybe you should try one of the premier science museums in the country! The Mind Museum is the first museum in the country that introduced a T-rex exhibit; they even have over 250 interactive exhibits that are scattered in five interconnected areas. They even have two outdoor areas that act as zones that promote discovery through nature; if you guys, as a couple, go crazy over science then this might just do the trick and make you full on science nerds!


#4. Burgos Circle and The Tree

Burgos Circle and The Tree

Are you both foodies? Are you the type to go restaurant hopping and try different cuisines in a single day? Then you should try Burgos Circle! It has an array of restaurants that are not only romantic but also diverse; the ambience that it gives off will not only make it a night to remember but it will also become one of your beloved “pig-out” spots. From healthy food to American style pubs, you’ll never get enough of the offerings of Burgos Circle. And to cap the night off, you guys can take a stroll through the parks to reach a landmark called The Tree; a sculpture that signifies the circle of life, if you both stand at its center, you’ll probably forget everything around you and realize that the only thing that matters is the person in front of you.


#5. Shangri-La at the Fort

Shangri-La at the Fort

Give each other a luxurious place to stay in that you’ll both surely love; try the Horizon Club that boasts its deluxe interiors, breathtaking view, and premium amenities. Spend the night eating local and international cuisine that takes your palate to a rollercoaster ride that you’ll both surely love. Stay classy in this place and enjoy what the Shang at the Fort has to offer.

Your feelings for each other will surely be renewed through the experiences you share and BGC has what you guys need!         


About the author:

Jeric is a freelance writer that features food, lifestyle, travel, DIY subjects, and nature. He is an adventurer, taking on the world and everything it has to offer, may it be the good and the bad. He also has a weird love for reggae and sharks. See: Reggae Shark

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Singapore: What They Don’t Tell You

Singapore: What They Don’t Tell You

by Khirol HazwanMarch 2, 2017

Singapore is well known for its shopping scene, clean streets and unique architecture. Before you go for your own resale HDB, is Singapore what it seems to be or is there something hidden you haven’t found out yet?

The bars, the clubs and the casinos, Singapore has all this to offer you for their nightlife but if you dig a little deeper you will see that there is more than meets the eye. An poorly kept secret around Singapore is that their red light district and activities are as buzzing as much as their long weekend sales. Now if you are looking for this type of experience there are a few places that can cater to your needs.

Orchard Towers

Orchard Towers

Right on orchard road is a building which has garnered the nickname “the four floors of whores.” Orchard Towers is a typical quiet building in the day but once the sun sets the flashing neon light can be seen from the outside. Girls will litter the streets surrounding and “ang mohs” will be right there with them. Cabs lined around the building ready to take them where they need to go as fast as possible. The building has this nickname because inside you will find a wide variety of girlie bars and sex stores.



Geylang is one of those places that perfectly illustrate two sides of a coin, on one side there is the amazing food spots and on the other side it can be considered the center of the red-light district of Singapore. It may not be the cheapest here but you are sure to get the full experience. With what you’re paying the brothels will not only offer you pleasure but safety at the same time. One common practice that all brothels share here is that they have to make sure that their girls make regular visits to the doctor so you’d feel somewhat secure.

Chinese Clinics

TCM or traditional Chinese medicine apparently offer more than herbs and spices. There are a few clinics ins Singapore namely, Chinatown, Tanjong Pagar and Jalan Besar that offer TCM and much much more. These clinics are seen as legitimate clinics with Chinese medicine but once you get in for treatment you are offered a “happy massage. “ These happy massage are apparently an off the menu item and have different fees per clinic.

Escort Agencies

If you find yourself feeling lazy to go to these different areas of Singapore or a bit shy to be seen at these places maybe contacting an escort service is the better option for you. Just look it up on the local phone book or just online, there rates are sure to be costlier than the usual but it is the most discreet approach. If you don’t have the money to spend for this don’t even bother calling because the people on the line aren’t playing around and are straight to business.

Escort Agencies


If a little more fun is what you’re looking for these are just a few places you should call or visit. Just remember to be safe and you should know what you’re getting into. Singapore just got a little hotter for you, didn’t it?

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The Basic Things You Need to Survive Being Lost in the Wilderness

The Basic Things You Need to Survive Being Lost in the Wilderness

by Khirol HazwanFebruary 1, 2017

The hustle and bustle of a busy city can really become tiring. This is especially true to people who have always lived in it through most of their lives. It comes as no surprise that these individuals prefer to go on adventures in the wilderness that will allow them to stay as far as possible from the city.

Of course, traversing the wild is no walk in the park. People, who wish to do it, should be able to pick up enough survival tips before they go on one in order to endure a harsher environment. If you are planning a wilderness trip, then you should learn which basic necessities you must have in case you find yourself lost in the wild. Here are some of them:

Water Catchment

In the wild, water sources are not always going to be available to you, which is why it is up to you to provide your very own water catchment and filtration system. There are several ways you can collect water. Various materials can be used in order to do so. Aside from your water bottle, you can also use items such as plastic bags, pieces of bamboo, hallow logs, rags, or pieces of cloth to collect water.


Food is another item you must have with you in order to survive the wilderness. Prepare to pack enough supplies of spirulina, wheatgrass, maca powder, and a sprouting kit. They should be able to sustain you for a long time. However, you can rely on edible plants and flowers, which you can find in your environment once you run out of your food supplies.

Light and Heat Source

Providing yourself with an ample amount of light and heat source in the wild is an important skill to learn. Make it easier for yourself by always bringing some matches with you on your wilderness trips. If they are not an option, then prepare to rub two sticks together in order to produce fire. Remember that fire can be used for many things not just for heat and light. It can also be used for cooking, killing off parasites, or as an emergency signal.

Insulating Clothing Materials

The weather and temperature in the wilderness can be very hard to tell. It is always good to be prepared for harsh and extreme phenomenon by bringing insulating clothing materials with you. They should include under layers and heavy jackets. Extra blankets could also give you extra protection from the cold.

Versatile Knife

Bringing a versatile knife on your wilderness trip can be very helpful. It can be used for several things including cutting plants to get their moisture, preparing food, creating other tools for survival, and cutting vines and branches to build yourself a shelter. Be very picky with the knife you bring with you though; they need to be a versatile one in order to do all these things mentioned above.

These are the basic items you need in order to survive in the wilderness. If you suddenly find yourself lost, try not to panic and recall all the things you learned about surviving. You’ll be fine in the end!

About The Author:

Justin is a digital marketing specialist for SEO in the Philippines. He loves staring at large amounts of data while trying to figure out what to do with it. He attempts to write about different topics and blog during his free time while watching anime and TV series. The internet is his playground while the world is his bedroom. He’s still trying to figure out what to do with data

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Reasons Why Bintan Should Be In Your Bucket List

Reasons Why Bintan Should Be In Your Bucket List

by Khirol HazwanJanuary 26, 2017

Bintant island also kown as Negeri Segantang Lada is a beautiful island that is more than just a typical holiday resort and it offers a lot of for you to do. Bintan is easy to peg as resort central that checks off every Singaporeans’ list of being the best retreat heaven for a weekend getaway. The Indonesian island is home to some of the most astonishing and stunning hotels and resorts. Of course, the island is proven to be more than a resort destination with more than a few tricks up its sleeve, ranging from natural wonders to man-made marvels.

Reasons why Bintan should be in your bucket list

Getting to Bintan is surprisingly easy where taking a ferry from Singapore to Bintan takes less than an hour. Although the trip is short, you will still need to check in at least at least 1.5 hours before the ferry departure time. Without further ado, let’s head out to explore the real Bintan with the following things to do.

Gunung Bintan Adventure Trek

Take two to four hours out of your day and hike up the 340 meter summit of Gunung Bintan so that you can get the one of a kind view of island. You can have an adventure while you search for the hidden waterfall and your reward will be a dip in it to freshen up.

Smell the beautiful flowers while you listen to the exotic birds sing. You may even catch sight of an adorable monkey.

500 Lohan Temple (Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Vihara)

The 500 Lohan Temple is host to 500 life size sculptures and have a walk through this Buddhist shrine sculpture mazes as you take in the information etched at their feet and the craved details before you.

Kelong Seafood Restaurant and Calypso Floating Bar

Enjoy the breathless view of the sunset as you sit over the ocean enjoy the tastiest and freshest seafood that Bintan has to offer at Kelong Seafood Restaurant.

After dinner take a short stroll to Calypso Floating bar which is surrounded by water and enjoy the delicious cocktails the bartender has to offer.

Gurun Pasir Busung 

Give yourself a chance to explore the sand dunes of Gurun Pasir Busung in the diversity of Bintan’s landscapes. In between all the gorgeous rain forests and clear topical beaches you will find the Gurun Pasir Busung which is a stretch of desert.

It is an Instagrammer’s favorite with its outstanding undisturbed natural beauty. You will feel like you are in the Arabian nights while the soft sand lightly tickles your feet.

MV Doulos Phos

As you are traveling on the ferry from Singapore to Bintan try to get to know some of Bintan’s interesting history. You will discovery that there is an abandoned ship next to Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal that you can go and visit.

MV Doulos Phos is her name and she will offer you many photo-ops while you visit. She was built for transporting people and food. She was a bookstore and now she is being turned into a boutique hotel.

Danau Biru in Kawal

If you had enough time being at the sea then take a trip to Danau Biru in Kawal to see the breath taking blue of the lake with the eye catching white of the sand.

The active mining has helped shaped Danau Biru to what it looks like today and it is not a tourist destination. You can expect to have some quiet time while you enjoy the smell of the sea lake air with your packed lunch.

Kepri Marine Festival

Every year Bintan hosts its Kepri Marine Festival (or Festival Bahari Kepri) to celebrate the land of Bintan. The festival happens in Tanjung Pinang and can attract visitors from across the globe.

The events that you can witness at the festival can range from dragon boat racing to good old sailing. There is the Kepri Carnival that has 100 performers in colorful costumes that are inspired by the nautical roots of the island walking down the waterfront.

Treasure Bay Bintan

When the sights of Bintan no longer do it for you, you can get your love back for the landscape of Bintan by indulging in the water sport actives that are on Treasure Bay. There are so many activities to choose from that you will find your favorite one in no time.

Rumah Arang

Igloos are not only found in Greenland and other cold places but also in the tropical Bintan. These beehive looking igloos made out of brinks where once used to burn mangrove to make charcoal by the nomadic Sea Gypsies. Now they are quickly becoming a tourist dream destination.

Trail of the Sea Gypsies

In Bintan you can go out of the boarders of the resort and see the Sea Gypsies who are the nomadic people of Bintan. Learn their culture and traditions as they show you their skill in boat making and house on stills building.

Aroma River Spa

This spa offers the Riau Body Massage and De-stress River Spa Package so that every each of your body is covered while you enjoy the sights and sounds of the rain forest that surrounds you.

Tasik Diver Bintan

Explore the underwater world while snorkeling in Bintan. As you are riding your ferry from Singapore to Bintan you will just want to jump out and explore the ocean and here you can.

Power Paintball, ATV, Shooting Range

Take an off road trip with an ATV or practice or shoot at the target range or even go against your friends in Power Paintball to see which is the best team The games are varied and the time to play is now.

White Sands Island

What to feel what it would be like to have your own private island? You can by going to White Sands Island where you get to live out your desire for a private island while doing activities of your choice.

You can camp under the stars, snorkel with the brightly colored fishes or go kayaking around the island. When you are finished for the day go grab a drink at the bar or have a picnic by the sea as you watch the sunset.

White Sands Island Turtle Conservation Program

While you are enjoying yourself on White Sands Island do be on the lookout for the ceremony of baby turtles hatching and making their way to the sea. It happens certain periods of the year and you should see if you can be at the right place at the right time to witness this unforgettable, relaxing moment.

Air Adventure Flying Club 

You can feel as if you want to try a new element besides water while at Bintan (from taking the ferry from Singapore to Bintan; doing all the water sports etc. that is a lot of water elements) take an air break with Air Adventure Flying Club.

The open cockpit seaplane being flown by a seasoned pilot with over 20 years of experience will help you refresh your senses while feeling the wind on your face.

Ria Bintan Golf Course

Try your hand at a golf game on this ever green 18 holes golf course. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional a relaxing game of golf in this tropical environment may be just what you need to unwind

Mangrove Discovery Tour

You can take the day tour or the night tour and see the sights of the Mangrove river with its many animals, fishes and birds. There is always something surprising to see, you may even see fishermen at work.

Trikora Beach

Trikora Beach was the original beachfront of Bintan and it is still as lively with people and life as ever before. Take a walk on the white sand as you are greeted by the local people selling their snacks and drinks to you.

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5 Travel Tips For a Safe Road Trip

5 Travel Tips For a Safe Road Trip

by Khirol HazwanJanuary 18, 2017

The year 2017 can symbolize many things for a lot of people. For some, it could be the year they finally decide to put their health and fitness first and foremost. Others would want to set their aspirations to finally take the career path they want to pursue; while the rest just want to have more adventures in the New Year.

None of them are greater than the others because all of them are unique in their own rights. But surely the last group of people, who want to go on more adventures, cannot be faulted. After all, there are so many places you can explore in this world. All these people need to do is to plan, prepare, and be safe on their journey – particularly if they are taking their Toyota Vios in the Philippines for a road trip.

Here are some simple travel tips to follow:

Schedule a Tune-Up

road trip

The first thing you must take care of when planning for a (long) road trip is to schedule a tune-up for your car. Have a qualified mechanic check your vehicle’s air conditioner, fluids, belts, battery, and tires. You do not want to be surprised with a sudden mishap just because you choose not to tune-up your car. Moreover, you might also want to consider checking your motor oil. You want it to have a high viscosity since you are driving in a hot country.

Get Enough Rest

Your car is not the only thing that should be in its best condition on a long journey. You, yourself, must be well rested. After all, you are going to drive for a long time to arrive to your destination. You should sleep plenty of hours the night before your road trip and if possible switch your driving duties with another adult so you don’t get exhausted.

Plan Your Route and Share It

There are many devices you can use to make sure you arrive safely to your destination. GPS is the most commonly used by travellers to map out their route. It is a good idea to do this beforehand so you immediately know where to go. After choosing your route, you may want to share it to the hotel or the people you are going to visit – as well as with another person back home – so they know where you are going and whether you should have arrived at your destination already.

Prepare for a Long Journey

Estimate how much time you are going to spend on your journey. Prepare all the things you think you are going to need along the way, including food, beverages, and an emergency kit. Your emergency kit should contain the following:

  • A first-aid kit (bandages and medicines)
  • A cell phone with full batteries
  • Flares
  • Jump cables
  • Flashlights
  • Warm blankets
  • Water

Check Your Backseat

This is an important thing you need to do before you go on your road trip. You must check your backseat for anything that could be used as a projectile in case you encounter a crash. Remove objects such as toys, hard books, loose change, and knobs that can be removed easily for they can hit you in case of a car crash.

Follow these simple travel tips to assure you are going to have a fun and safe journey!      

About the author:

Jeric is a freelance writer that features food, lifestyle, travel, DIY subjects, and nature. He is an adventurer, taking on the world and everything it has to offer, may it be the good and the bad. He also has a weird love for reggae and sharks. See: Reggae Shark


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7 Best Camping Destinations This 2017

7 Best Camping Destinations This 2017

by Khirol HazwanJanuary 13, 2017

7 Best Camping Destinations This 2017

In the past couple of years, the people who have showed interest in camping have grown exponentially. There has also been a sudden emergence of tent resorts in the Philippines to cater to the demand of these individuals – allowing even more of them to go on camping trips these 2017.

Planning a camping trip is not easy, particularly if you have no idea where to go. Remedy this by visiting some of these places:

Mount Pinatubo

Mount Pinatubo has been made famous for its eruptions back in 1991. These days, however, the active stratovolcano is known more for being a serene site for campers. It makes a very picturesque view of its crater lake which has turquoise waters. It also makes a popular site for those who are coming from Metro Manila due to its close proximity. If you are not very fond of hiking, you don’t have to worry because there are transportation options for you to choose from.

Palaui Island

Palaui Island provides many things for the weary traveller, including white sand beaches, majestic mountains, the Cape Engano Lighthouse, rich marine life, and vibrant colours. Campers, who came to the island, can expect some peace and quiet in this site that is far far away from the city.

Calaguas Island

The Calaguas Island located in Camarines Norte is very popular to millennial campers, who prefer organizing DIY (do-it-yourself) trips with their friends. They can easily set up their tents on the island’s white sand beaches and literally sleep under the stars at night. If you prefer convenience however, you can easily get a package tour to visit this hidden paradise.

7 Best Camping Destinations 2017

Tablas Island

Romblon’s Tablas Island is another destination that is ideal to people who does not enjoy crowds. This does not mean, however, that you are going to miss out on the adventure. In fact, you can visit its rainforests, mountain trails, and diving spots. You can find adventure in every corner of this island.

The best camping trips are those that are spent in a beautiful setting. Choose at least one of these destinations to have a camping experience that is just beyond the ordinary!

Biak na Bato

Biak na Bato is the ideal camping destination to people who adore nature. This is because this point of interest has the Madlum River, a cave network, as well as endemic mammals and birds frequenting the area – which means they can go wildlife and bird watching during their camping trip.

Ayoke Island

Ayoke Island is the place to be if you want to camp as far away as possible from Metro Manila. It is situated in Surigao del Sur in Mindanao – which is perfect if you are looking for seclusion. Those, who have gone on previous camping trips and found out that they dislike mainstream camping sites, can go to this place to avoid crowds and explore its unspoiled beauty.


Tagaytay is another camping destination that is near Metro Manila. Those who prefer to go to adventures without sacrificing convenience can find that this is the place for them to camp. There are a lot of things you can do in this city, including going on a food trip, a picnic, or visiting the smallest volcano in the Philippines. It is also very popular to many people because of its cool and favourable weather.


About the Author:

Laurel SantosLaurel Santos is a 24 year old grown up woman whose kid at heart. She lives in the city and works as a freelance photographer. She also manages a small pet shop inside their village. She loves traveling so much because she believes that one should not just die staying in without exploring the world.  She got a big heart for animals especially those stray dogs. Despite her busy schedule she always finds time to do one thing that she is very passionate about which is writing.

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The Architectural Wonder of Detroit

The Architectural Wonder of Detroit

by Khirol HazwanDecember 1, 2016

Various architectural design services in the Philippines and those found across the world aim to build and create various infrastructural projects that will be recognized by important organizations like UNESCO. A number of them are looking to join the ranks of Detroit City in Michigan, USA.

Back in December 2015, the UNESCO Creative Cities Network has named the city as the City of Design because of the various architectural marvels you can see in it. It has a diverse collection of significant private residences, industrial buildings, and skyscrapers that was built in the 19th and 20th century. However, the most notable structures in the city are following.


  1. Russell Industrial Center (RIC)

The RIC was constructed by Albert Kahm Associates back in the year 1925. This building was originally built to cater to the automotive industry. However, it has been revived to become an arts complex instead. Today, it is home to about 140 arts studios – the largest arts hub in the Midwest. It also contains an exhibition center where blockbuster films like “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” was made.

  1. The Renaissance Center

The Renaissance Center is one of the most iconic skyscrapers you can found in Detroit. John Portman & Associates completed the entire structure in 1981. It reflects the postmodernism movement that was largely present at that time, which is why it was made to look like a daunting insular fortress. It also used to host the highest restaurant you can find in the western hemisphere.

  1. The Guardian Building

The Guardian Building has been named as a National Historic Landmark for being a “Cathedral of Finance.” Its design showcases both Art Deco and Mayan Revival styles. Its exterior features orange brickwork which made use of various materials like terra cotta, limestone, and tile. The colourful Native American-themed mosaic found in its interior is made out of Rookwood and Pewabic tiles. This building was finished in 1929 by Wirt C. Rowland for Smith, Hinchman, and Grylls.

  1. The Masonic Temple

The Masonic Temple is a 14-storey neo-Gothic temple considered to be the largest one of its kind that you can find in the world. It has become home to different events like the yearly Theatre Bizarre and Marche du Nain Rouge. Theatre Bizarre has billed itself as the best Halloween costume party you can find in the USA. Marche du Nain Rouge, on the other hand, is a Detroit parade meant to drive away the evil red goblin from the city during springtime.

  1. The Detroit Institute of Arts

The Detroit Institute of Arts is being considered to be one of the most-frequented museums in the entire globe. It has more than 100 galleries where people can see the artworks produced by Diego Rivera such as the “Man and the Machine” and the “Detroit Industry.”

The museum was built by Paul Philippe Cret and designed it according to the style of Beaux-Arts neoclassical Italian Renaissance. It hosts the largest and most significant art collections in the USA.

Detroit is truly a wonderful place. Experience all of these architectural marvels by visiting the city!

About the Author:


Justin is a digital marketing specialist for SEO in the Philippines. He loves staring at large amounts of data while trying to figure out what to do with it. He attempts to write about different topics and blog during his free time while watching anime and TV series. The internet is his playground while the world is his bedroom. He’s still trying to figure out what to do with data


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Travel Destinations That Don’t Require a Visa

Travel Destinations That Don’t Require a Visa

by Khirol HazwanOctober 26, 2016


Here’s a timely piece of advice: buy experiences instead of things. After all, things have an expiry date attach to it whereas you can take experiences with you until you take your last breath.

Travelling is one of the best things in life that you can do in order to gain some experiences. These days, you no longer have to pay a fortune in order to travel around the world. You just have to learn some nifty hacks that will help you save some money in your journey. For example, learn how to research for affordable places you can stay in like a room for rent in Singapore or anywhere else for that matter.

Another hack you should learn about saving so much money if you decide to travel to a country that does not require a visa for your entry. This will indeed save you some cash.

Here are some countries you can visit without needing a visa.


Singapore is one of the best places in Asia that you can visit without needing a visa application. All you have to do is schedule your trip and book your flight and then you’re ready to go.

You can bring your family to the Universal Studios to spend a day full of fun and adventure or you can enjoy the different street foods that it offers. Go across the country and notice how people coming from different cultures are peacefully living together in this island-state.


Hong Kong

Another Asian country in this list is Hong Kong. You can go up to 14 days without needing a visa to stay in the country. Visit places like Disneyland or Ocean Park, where you and your kids will thoroughly have fun. Or go across the city to experience a different culture from yours.



Fiji can be found in the continent of Oceana. You can stay for as long as 120 days without a visa in this country, if you want to fully explore all the 300 paradise-like islands it can offer you.



This country in Africa is a gateway to the famed Sahara Desert. Look around Marrakesh to experience a little bit of the Ottoman culture or go to Casablanca to learn about the brief colonial history (both Moorish and French) at the town. Stay up to 90 days without having to worry about being asked for a visa.



South America has a lot of exotic countries that you can visit but Ecuador is one of the few which does not require a visa. Get your heartbeats racing by going on the “Swing at the end of the world” and take that perfect Instagram photo.



Another exotic place South America has to offer is Suriname. Enjoy your 90-day visa-free stay and bond with nature like you never did before!



Learn all about Genghis Khan in his birthplace in Mongolia. You can also try to explore Gobi Desert, one of the greatest deserts you can find in the world. You can stay up to 21 days without needing a visa.

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8 Beach Activities for Your Next Outing

8 Beach Activities for Your Next Outing

by Khirol HazwanOctober 26, 2016

Going out of town is an activity where most families and friends look forward to especially when we recently experienced stressful and hectic moments in our daily lives. Beach trips are considered as one of the ideal out of town trips there are where people can easily go to from time to time. There are gorgeous spots in Romblon’s beach resorts, Batangas’ beaches, and other provinces with remarkable places. If you’ve decided to head on to a beach resort, consider doing these beach activities soon.


  1. Building a sandcastle

You’ve seen children build sandcastles out there; it certainly looks fun to do. Try to make one with your children or the young ones once you’ve settled in a beach resort. Grab up some shovel and can to store your sand and mix with some water then you’re ready to go! Be creative in creating a sandcastle because our imagination is endless, feel like a kid along the way.

  1. Sunbathing

Even though most of us already have tanned skin due to the tropical season we have, some still opt to go sunbathing to keep their bodies tan or maintain their color perfectly on how they prefer. Get a long chair you can lie down on or a towel to put on the shore, a tanning spray or lotion, and shades then you’re good to go.

  1. Flying a kite

It may be hard to fly a kite because some beaches don’t have strong winds to fly a kite. If you still want to try to do this, bring one and let’s hope that it will become a perfect season to fly a kite in the sky.

  1. Playing beach volleyball

Most resorts have a playing net on the shore because many tourists play beach volleyball. If lucky the resort you’ll go to has one, don’t hesitate to play as it is guaranteed that you will have fun along the way. Usually volleyballs are rented in the venue so ask around to know. Better yet, bring your own volleyball.

  1. Stargazing

At night, gather with your friends or loved ones outdoors and get a towel or mat to stay on the sand. Most beaches have the perfect night sky (that is if it’s not the rainy season) which makes it an ideal beach activity to stargaze. Simply stare at the stars and appreciate how beautiful the world is.


  1. Social gathering

Social gathering means a lot of things, it is usually best done with alcoholic drinks to make the day more fun. Just make sure that you won’t get too drunk because you might disturb the others! Moderately drinking is just enough. Eating is also a suggested way to make socializing better.

  1. Chilling with a bonfire

Ah, bonfires make a beach night a perfect night to keep all of you warm and cozy. Ask someone in the resort to help you set up a bonfire. You just need some firewood and some paper to light your own bonfire.


  1. Extra: skinny dipping

Most people will consider this activity risky and stupid, but it’s fun to do at least once in your lifetime! Make sure once you do this, it’s night so people won’t see what you don’t want to see. It certainly feels different from wearing our usual swimwear. Think thoroughly if you’ll do this and make sure it’s with your friends!

About the Author:


Justin is a digital marketing specialist for SEO in the Philippines. He loves staring at large amounts of data while trying to figure out what to do with it. He attempts to write and blog during his free time while watching anime and TV series. Usually goes out just to play Pokemon Go. The internet is his playground while the world is his bedroom. He’s still trying to figure out what to do with data.


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