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Using Periscope To Advance Your Career

Using Periscope To Advance Your Career

by Khirol HazwanSeptember 9, 2016

The Periscope is a new growing name as a social networking, and clearly, it is utilized for marketing purposes too. To make the Periscope Marketing effective, you’ll require more supporters. The more supporters you have, the more effective your marketing will be. So to help you get more supporters we are here. As the world’s first web-based promotional service the Periscope promotion service is by all accounts effective step by step. If you have enough adherents on Periscope, then you can have an effective Periscope marketing ground to achieve more people. Here is how using Periscope to advance your career can benefit you.


Know your target market

Before targeting any market, you have to know it first. Periscope is an application which has a huge number of different clients with different interests. If the people interested in your product or service are not on Periscope, then there is no reason for squandering time on Periscope marketing. Research a bit if you can achieve your target audience with your Periscope promotion and after that, you can advance with your marketing.

Attractive and effective content

New product launches are presently normal on Periscope and promotion of other products additionally is an immense piece of Periscope. In any case, to make it work on Periscope and to come to a bigger audience, your content should be sufficiently solid. Make the video that you are streaming remarkable and select. If you are utilizing the same video to advance a product on different networking sites, then you have to up your game. If people are getting the same video on other networks then why might they come to Periscope, for the promotional video to work make it special that can’t be discovered anyplace else?

Learn from others

It is a necessity that you continue learning and to get more thoughts on Periscope Marketing you can watch other marketers’ videos. You don’t have to do. Likewise they are doing, likewise, don’t have to duplicate them. Rather, you can learn how they are drawing closer towards the audience and how they are displaying their product. If you discover something that you see valuable, then you can modify it and actualize it in your Periscope promotion. Periscope Marketing is just effective and helpful to your business if you get enough audience, you can likewise learn from other marketers how they are targeting and getting heaps of audiences. While social media platforms keep changing, the idea behind influencer marketing stands strong.

Advance prior streaming for devotees

When you start streaming your video if your devote don’t know about it, you won’t get your craved audience. Start advancing your video even before you start streaming on different networking sites. The more your post is shared and seen, the odds of getting more audience will ascend. As said before, the way to accomplishment in Periscope promotional service is the quantity of devotees and audience you have. To gain more audience you have to connect with the people on other social networks and if you have enough adherents on other networks, then achievement is not that far.

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Free Instagram Followers

Free Instagram Followers

by Khirol HazwanSeptember 19, 2015

Free Instagram Followers – How to get it?

Instagram is new rising social networks that focusing on photos sharing using this two smartphone operation system, Android and Apple iOS. Just like Twitter, the more followers you have, more popular you are on that social networks. People are getting excited to get more Instagram followers but what is the easiest ways to get free Instagram followers fast?

Buy Asian Instagram Followers

How to Get Free Instagram Followers?

If you are looking for get the quality free Instagram followers, there is no shortcut for it. The way you are getting more Instagram followers is no different from the conventional method. What make different is how much you dedicate yourself to gain more Instagram followers.

Here is some tips that can be use to get quality free Instagram followers.

Amazing Photos for Instagram

Instagram it self is the photos social networks. Capture the amazing photos for your Instagram account. This can attract me followers to follows for Instagram account.

How you can do it is, you must learn the basic photography skill. Learn the function of the camera such as ISO, Exposure, composition and etc. Apart from the real photography skill, you also must master the build in photo edit function of the Instagram such as filter etc. Apart from it, you also need the smartphone with the good camera. The good camera specification directly effecting your photo captured.

Capture amazing Photos for Instagram

The final step to get amazing photos is creativity and imagination. Applying all the photography skill  and master the filter, lastly get the unique pieces of photography work for Instagram. Creative photos what make it amazing and then get the attention from Instagram social media user. Naturally, they will follow you & you are getting the free Instagram followers.

Be Active Instagram User & Followers

Be sure you are active at Instagram social media. Make sure to upload as many as you can the amazing photos to the account. The photos uploaded also must consider the timing, where most of the user is online. The best timing is around 9.00-11.00pm where the user is online. They will follow your Instagram if you active with your Instagram account.

Instagram Like

Another tips here is, you also need to becoming active followers of the another Instagram account.  Always commenting and like another user account. They will eventually following you back and you can get free Instagram followers. 


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Buy Asian Instagram Followers

Buy Asian Instagram Followers

by Khirol HazwanSeptember 16, 2015

Growing your Instagram followers is not easy task and require much time and effort. That the reason for Instagram marketer to take the easy method by looking for the website to buy follower. For example, if looking for targeted Instagram followers with Asian locality, the just look up for service to buy Asian Instagram followers.

There is many services offering the targeted followers for Instagram social network. If you are looking for service to buy Asian Instagram followers, here is some tips:

Buy Real Asian Instagram Followers

Make sure you read carefully about the service offered first. Make sure they are offering the real followers and not the bot followers. Buying the bot Instagram followers will risking your account to be ban by Instagram. If you are not sure, ask the service provider owner or their customer services first.

Add More Amazing Asian Photos to Your Instagram Account

The Asian followers you just buy will recognize their neighborhood photos you added to Instagram. Posting the great photos will make them liking your photos, sharing or commenting it. This will eventually promoting your Instagram account to their followers, and growing your own followers.

Buy English Speaking Asian Country Followers

Make sure to buy Asian Instagram follower that use English language as their first or second language. This will make your Instagram marketing easier. This is because the can understand the posting you made at Instagram. The example of county that use English language is India, Singapore and Malaysia.

Dont buy Asian Instagram followers at all

The last choice is dont buy followers. However what you can buy is advertisng using popular Asian Instagram account. Try to make contact with popular Asian Instagram user, and ask them to promote you account with some payment.

Buy Asian Instagram Followers

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Popular Method to Gain More Instagram Followers!

Popular Method to Gain More Instagram Followers!

by Khirol HazwanSeptember 8, 2015

The social media Instagram is a photo sharing networking site. This social media allow you to connect to the existing social media such as Facebook or Twitter. By using Instagram you can share any photo directly from your Smartphone, such as personal images, arts, family albums, landscaping or etc.

Just like any other social media, using Instagram you can get your own followers. First things are you must create you Instagram account, get loyal followers who can share and likes your images that are uploaded into Instagram.

Instagram Followers

The popularity on Instagram social media is proportional to your numbers of followers. People are looking for get more followers for many reasons, such as for popularity, marketing and self-satisfaction. People are addicted to get more and more followers!

Luckily the social media Instagram is build especially for Smartphones, so that you can start gaining followers anywhere you want as long there is internet accessibility.  Even when you are sit down having a cup of coffee; you can start gaining Instagram followers!

“Follow me, I will follow back!”

The most popular method to gain followers is by following another Instagram account and then asking them to follows you back or vise versa. Set your Instagram status just like this “Follow me, I will follow back!”

Facebook Popularity

The internet most popular social media and highly used social networking site; Facebook can also help you in increasing the number of Instagram followers. Instagram was acquired by Facebook in the year 2012. Since then, you can connect your Instagram account to Facebook. Interlinking these two social media and posted the status update with great Instagram pictures will attract more followers naturally.


If you are already popular on social media Facebook, you can get more followers on Instagram in short time. Just post your Instagram account at Facebook status, more people will follows you.

Link to Twitter Account!

Another popular social media; Twitter can be use as medium to become popular at Instagram. Twitter is the most highly used social networking micro blogging website in the world. There are plenty of images are been shared in Twitter website on a daily basis. You should connect your Instagram account with Twitter and then keep tweeting all images that you are posted in Instagram. If the Instagram images is very good and interesting, more people will Retweet the picture. This will become viral and your Instagram followers will grow insanely!


Another popular method to gain more followers is by commenting or liking on other user photo. Start building the ‘social networking’ through this commenting and liking activity. Actively doing this will get your Instagram account at centre of attention.  People will look up to your Instagram account and then they will start following you naturally.

Improve Instagram Photography Skill!

Another popular method to get more Instagram followers is improving your photography skill. Good Instagram picture get more attention from another users and resulting them to follow you. There is plenty of information on internet regarding on how to take good pictures. Applying the correct Instagram photo filter will become the value added to the images.

instagram photography skill

Last but not least, always build the good reputation on Instagram. Having the bad attitude such as racist will get people to unfollow you. The worse is they will block or ban your Instagram account. Good reputation also will result you to get loyal followers that permanently follow you.

After you are becoming popular on Instagram, your followers will become source for new followers! Actively engage with your current followers, always replies their comment and this will bring you the new followers.

What next? Use the Instagram to the fullest and enjoy this social media. Then you are on the right track to become popular on Instagram social media.

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How to Register Instagram Account Without Smartphone.

How to Register Instagram Account Without Smartphone.

by Khirol HazwanSeptember 7, 2015

Instagram is the new rising photo sharing social networks.  The Instagram allow user to have followers, or followes other people, and likes another user photo. The social networks itself become addicted for user that has smartphones.  For example people love to upload their meal photos.

However, Instagram only support the Apple iOS  and Android platform. User that doesn’t have the smartphone will not be able to use this photo sharing social networks. Same fate is for Blackberry and Windows Phones users. So, how do we register Instagram account without Android or Apples smartphone?

How to Register Instagram Account Without Smartphone.

This tutorial is for people that use Windows or Mac as their operations systems. The concept here is, we will register the Instagram account in virtual environment. We will use the software that simulates the Android environment inside the Windows or Mac operation system.  The software is called BlueStacks. Here we go:

bluestacks apps

Here is the easy step:

  1. Download the official BlueStacks software to your computer.
  2. BlueStacks software will allow you to install mobile apps to your PC or Mac by creating the Android environment.
  3. After complete the download process, just run the software and start installing BlueStacks.
  4. After finished the installing, run the apps.
  5. Make sure the computer is connected to internet for download the new apps.
  6. On BlueStacks , search for Instagram apps.
  7. After that Install the Instagram apps on BlueStacks and wait for apps fully downloaded and installed.
  8. Run the Instagram Apps and go signup for new account on Instagram!
  9. Voila! You now can use Instagram & you done register Instagram account just using your computer!

Instagram will become more interesting when you have more followers. However how to get more Instagram followers? One of the fastest way to get Instagram followers is using You can read this tutorial on how to get free Instgaram followers fast.

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