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Creative Crafts To Sell To Stay Productive This Summer

Creative Crafts To Sell To Stay Productive This Summer

by Khirol HazwanMay 25, 2017

Summer vacation is a great time to have fun with your friends but there are days where you still get bored. You can turn these boring days into opportunities. You can create and sell crafts this summerso you can make some cash while having fun. Here are a few things you can try out:

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Pallet Plaques

Picture frames can get boring and dull. Why not turn to upcycling to create some really stylish ones that you can easily do yourself? The best part about this is that you’ll never make one that is exactly the same from the other. Every pallet plaque can be customized with unique colours and embellishments. These kinds of crafts have been popular lately and you are sure to be able to sell some of your work.


Rope Bowls

All you need for this one is some rope, a bowl, and a glue gun. You simply need to wrap the rope around a bowl for the shape, carefully glue the rope together, remove the bowl, and you have your rope bowl! These are perfect for holding fruit, yarn, napkins, bread, etc. Vary the kinds of ropes and bowls you use to create different kinds of bowls for your customers to choose from.
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Washi Tape Mini Wood Pallet Coasters

Washi tape has been all the rage nowadays and you are sure to make a few bucks by selling washi tape coasters. All you need are washi tape, craft sticks, and glue and you can go crazy making your own designs. Also these are small so they are easy to pack and sell.


Mason Jar Prism Light

These lights create beautiful patterned shadows that can be customized in multiple ways. With some a led candle light, mason jars, glass stones in different shapes and colours, and some glue, you could make these yourself. Be patient when trying to glue the glass stones to the jar; it’ll be worth it! Once you’re done making the jar, just place the led candle inside and you’re ready to put a price tag on them.


Etched Wooden Spoons

Etch some boring wooden spoons to give them a modern twist. Simply get a soldering iron, heat it up and you can start etching out your unique designs. But be careful! A soldering iron’s nature is to burn so keep it away from your clothes, skins, or anything else that’s not your wooden spoon. Make sure to unplug it when you’re not using it.

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Painted Dishes

This is another one for those who love to design. With some porcelain paint or a porcelain pen, you can easily turn plainly white pieces of dishware and turn them into pieces of art that ywould make anyone smile while using them. You don’t have to worry about making a mistake because you can scratch the ink away with a razor blade. The best part is that, if you bake the dishware afterwards, then they become dishwasher safe!


Pompom Bookmark

All you need are yarn and scissors for this one. Cut an 8-inch piece of yarn and wrap 90 loops of more yarn around this. Slide the 8-inch out then tie it tightly around the middle of the 90 loops you just made. This should make a ball of yarn with two sets of loops on each side. Tie a 15-inch piece of yarn to this for the bookmark. Then, use a pair of scissors to cut the two sets of loops and your yarnball should start looking like a pompom! Trim it to shape it just like how a gardener shapes hedges and you have your pompom bookmark!


Do these with your friends and family to have the perfect bonding experience. Who knows? It might turn into a legit business for you in the future.

About the Author:
Laurel SantosLaurel Santos may be a 24 year old adult but at her core she is just a little girl full of wonder. She lives in the city and works as a freelance photographer in the Philippines. She manages a small pet shop inside her village. She has a big heart for animals, especially stray dogs. She is an avid traveller because she believes that life is not lived within the borders of your own home.  Despite her busy schedule she always finds time to do one thing that she is very passionate about and that is writing

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6 Life Lessons Kids Can Learn while Camping

6 Life Lessons Kids Can Learn while Camping

by Khirol HazwanApril 5, 2017

Today, there are so much outdoor recreational activities for families to choose from. A few examples of them, which you can partake in the Philippines, are glamping, mountain biking, hiking, birdwatching, parasailing, and windsurfing. Parents will be glad to hear that most of them are kid-friendly, which means they can take them this summer to enjoy themselves.

However, it is important to note that when it comes to kid-friendliness, nothing beats a classic camping trip. After all, it teaches them several significant life lessons, such as:

The importance of planning

Every camping trip starts with proper planning and preparation. Teach your kids the importance of strategy and goal setting by discussing the details of your camping trip with them. Include them with you in deciding about the food you will eat, the location of your campsite, the necessary supplies you need to take with you, as well as the games you are going to play once you have settled.



Teamwork is necessary during camping trips, particularly since there is a lot of work that needs to be done like setting up on camping grounds. Let them help you with things such as pitching up your tent (or RV), unpacking all your stuff, and placing them in ideal spots. By doing this, you are teaching them the value of teamwork and taking initiatives when helping others.


Personal responsibility


Campsites can run rugged every once in a while, particularly when you are busy with other activities, which is completely fine and understandable. But be sure to tidy it up especially before you go to sleep. Ask your kids to be accountable for their things. This will educate them to be responsible early on. It will also instil them how to be tidy in their surroundings.


Unplugging can be fun

Kids these days seem to always be in front of television, computer, smartphones, or tablet screens. Basically, it is their way of having fun but bringing them to a camping trip – which essentially renders these new technologies as useless – will teach them that there are actually other ways of having fun. Introduce them to old games you used to play on the streets when you were younger.


Be appreciative


Camping trips are the perfect time to teach your children to live with fewer things. Show them how air conditioners are not a necessity they really need in life. Tell them how lucky they are to have these luxuries. If you show them this, they will immediately become appreciative of things like electricity, hot showers, and running water.


Respect nature

Respect nature

Mother Nature is the reason why camping trips are memorable. Educate your children about its importance in the world. Tell them that the environment deserves to be protected. Teach them simple ways to value it. One example is to always be responsible for the trash on your campsite. Be sure to show them a good example in this regard.


Remember that your kids will look up to you when they don’t know what to do during your camping trip. Be sure to provide them a good example when you do so. You should, after all, practice what you preach!


About the Author:

Justin is a digital marketing specialist for SEO Hacker. He loves staring at large amounts of data while trying to figure out what to do with it. He attempts to write about different topics and blog during his free time while watching anime and TV series. The internet is his playground while the world is his bedroom. He’s still trying to figure out what to do with data.

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How Your Paracord Bracelet Can Save Your Life

How Your Paracord Bracelet Can Save Your Life

by Khirol HazwanMarch 2, 2017

Paracord bracelets have become a practical and stylish accessory that any adventurer should not leave the home without. You will notice this pop up in conversations or if you are looking for any survival tips, it is the must-have accessory for you next trip. Paracords are now very convenient, they can be worn as a stylish bracelet that is easily accessed whenever you need it.

Paracord Bracelet

Fishing Wire

There may come an emergency when you are stranded or you run out of food in the wilderness, if you’re lucky enough it will be near a lake or a running river. A paracord, a stick and a paperclip fashioned into a hook is all that you need to make your very own fishing rod. You can even build a fishing net with enough paracord.

Shelter Construction

In case you do run into a situation where you are stranded in the middle of nowhere one of the first things to do is establish a form of shelter. A paracord is very versatile, you can use it to tie branches together to form the skeleton of your shelter. It could also be used to attach your tarp to trees or other solid objects, it is strong enough to withstand the harshest of weathers.

Build a Raft

Whether you’re stuck on an island or need to get from point A to point B and you have a huge body of water in the way, a raft would definitely be the first thing you would think of. A paracord is sturdy enough to secure branches and other materials together for a raft.

First Aid on the Fly

One of the most common emergencies is an injury, as bad as it sounds you have to face the fact that it really could happen. Luckily your paracord bracelet is right there if ever you need a tourniquet to control bleeding of bad wound. You can even fashion it as a sling in case of any broken or sprained arm injuries. Finally, you can use the paracord with two branches to be used as a splint for leg injuries.

Emergency Rope

In case you find your friend in danger whether they could be stuck inside a deep hole or be in the lake or river in need of assistance, the paracord could be just the rope you need. You can extend the paracord and use it as a rope to pull them away from danger, of course you will need to use the full capacity of the paracord to do this.


Let your imagination run wild with this one, whether it be roping your knife onto the end of the stick to make a spear or create traps by using the cord as tripwires. They are even strong enough to be used as handcuffs just in case. You can also fashion a monkey fist from a paracord and a rock, this may not be the deadliest weapon but it could do you some good in a pinch.

Who knew something so convenient would be able to save your life in case of emergencies. It will also never be in the way, you can wear it on your wrist or your ankle but it would be safe for you to never leave home without it. Who knows when an emergency would hit?

About the Author:

Justin is a digital marketing specialist for SEO in the Philippines. He loves staring at large amounts of data while trying to figure out what to do with it. He attempts to write about different topics and blog during his free time while watching anime and TV series. The internet is his playground while the world is his bedroom. He’s still trying to figure out what to do with data.

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How to Take Care of an Aging Dog

How to Take Care of an Aging Dog

by Khirol HazwanJanuary 30, 2017

Aging can cause a lot of stress and discomfort to your dogs but conditions such as cataracts in dogs and obesity can be avoided or handled with proper care. As a dog ages their needs start to vary as well, there are different requirement in regards to their nutrition and exercise. As an owner or even as a dog parent you want the best for your dog, you have to invest time and effort into helping your senior dog live a comfortable life despite the conditions they may face.

Set Time for Exercise

Usually as a dog ages he/she becomes less active, they may not play around as much or usually get tired much quicker than usual but this does not mean you will let them res and lie down the whole day. It is important for you to set some time daily to still go on walks with them, even if they are short walks it helps keep your dog young and the joints healthy.

Manage Their Weight

Obesity is a common condition that senior dogs have, it causes them to be lethargic and will restrict movement. It is important to focus on formulating a strict diet and pairing it with a regular exercise schedule to keep your dog’s weight down. Nowadays, it is much easier to do this thanks to certain medications you could find at the vet as well as the varied choices of food for them, some are specially formulated for weight management. Keeping your dogs from obesity will make sure that they are more lively and can move freely as they want.

Proper Dental Hygiene

Some senior dogs face serious complications due to the bacteria that build up in their mouths. The bacteria is cause by gingivitis build up in ill kept teeth and this bacteria can easily enter the dog’s bloodstream, that paired with a weaker immune system can cause the dog illness. A good way to prevent this is by brushing your dog’s teeth on a weekly basis and regular cleaning with the vet. There are also treats that when consumed by the dog, will help clean and maintain their teeth and gums.

Bring them to the Vet Regularly

Senior dogs will have a lot more maintenance issues as compared to their younger counterparts. This means you should continuously be tracking or monitoring the state of their health and the best way to do this is through professional consulting. Schedule monthly visits with the vet so that they can give you a better idea of how your dog is doing and the necessary steps you have to take to tackle it. They can give you a list of actions and medications you have to make to make sure that your dog will be healthy as long as they can. They will be your number one ally to help your dog live a long and comfortable life.

A dog is more than a pet, they are your friend, sometimes even your family and what wouldn’t you do to help your family age as gracefully as possible.

About The Author:

Justin is a digital marketing specialist for SEO in the Philippines. He loves staring at large amounts of data while trying to figure out what to do with it. He attempts to write about different topics and blog during his free time while watching anime and TV series. The internet is his playground while the world is his bedroom. He’s still trying to figure out what to do with data

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4 Condo-Friendly Pets You Can Own

4 Condo-Friendly Pets You Can Own

by Khirol HazwanOctober 2, 2016


Many of us lead busy lives. This is one of the reasons why people look for places to live near their work, such as Fort condos for sale, to avoid traffic and other commute hassles. Adding another thing to take care of can be stressful but that doesn’t always have to be the case. If you are looking for companionship yet you don’t want a roommate then consider adopting a pet.

Feeling hesitant? Don’t be. Pets may require attention and dedication but those are nothing compared to the benefits they will bring in your life. Contrary to popular belief, not all pets are high maintenance. Here are 4 pets that you can easily raise in a condominium:

  1. Guinea Pig

These gentle rodents are often overlooked in favor of hamsters and gerbils. Guinea pigs are actually great pets especially if you have kids or you want a pet you can cuddle that is not too big. They rarely bite, they like to play, and they squeak in excitement whenever they see you. They also do this thing called ‘popcorning’, where they jump up and kick their heels in the air whenever they are feeling happy. If you haven’t seen a guinea pig do popcorning then you are in for a treat.

  1. Canary
    This bird can be kept by itself and does not require much. Keep it healthy and happy by feeding it with protein and fiber-rich food (consult a vet first!). Provide a toy or two to keep it entertained. A swing can help keep your canary happy but be careful not to overstock on the toys because these can just clutter up the cage. Your top priority must be ample space for the canary to fly around so avoid putting too many toys in the cage. Putting some damp grass on the bottom of the cage will be good too since canaries in the wild like to roll on damp leaves or grass.
  2. Betta Fish
    Skip the common goldfish, which are kind of fragile and require a fairly elaborate tank and filter setup. Instead, go for a Betta fish. Also known as fighting fish, these brilliantly colored fish with long, flowing tails are happy in a small tank with the occasional plastic plant which your fish can hide into in case he is feeling shy. Feel free to decorate the tank and even consider adding an aquatic snail in the bowl to keep the algae at bay. A friendly advice though: if you want to buy another Betta fish, keep it in a separate bowl unless it is female. They are known as ‘fighting fish’ for a reason.
  3. Dog
    People will definitely fall for this bundle of fur with big eyes and a personality that can match their owners’. There are a lot of dog breeds out there so choose one that can fit your lifestyle. Are you someone who loves to do outdoor activities? Get yourself a German Shepherd or a Siberian Husky. Do you have a hectic schedule? Breeds like the Chihuahua, Greyhound, and French Bulldog are some of the dogs who will do just fine if their owner works all day. Just remember: dogs require a reasonable amount of your time. But if you devote yourself to them, you will find a companion who will be willing to lay down his life to protect you no matter what.

About the Author:

authorimage_justinestorJustin is a blogger and digital marketing specialist. He loves staring at large amounts of data while trying to figure out what to do with it. He attempts to write and blog during his free time while watching anime and TV series. Usually goes out just to play Pokemon Go. The internet is his playground while the world is his bedroom. He’s still trying to figure out what to do with data.

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The Ultimate Movie Marathon Snack Guide

The Ultimate Movie Marathon Snack Guide

by Khirol HazwanOctober 2, 2016


Movie nights are definitely one of the most enjoyed hobbies among people nowadays. Thanks to the affordable TVs in the Philippines, movie nights are possible. You can do it alone or with your family or closest friends. Home movie experiences may not be the same as the one in the theaters but it does have a big advantage: food. However, if you want to try something other than the conventional popcorn, hotdog-in-a-bun, and candy, then this list is perfect for you! Check out the following foods and try to make them for your next movie marathon!

  1. Glazed Bacon Rollups

Who doesn’t love bacon? This salty treat goes very well with sweet flavors, making it an ultimate snack. Grab some white bread then roll up the bacon in it before baking. Drizzle with honey or maple syrup or put some in a bowl to serve as your dip. Take a bite and experience heaven in the form of salty, sweet goodness.

  1. Peanut Butter and Chocolate Pancakes

Delight yourself—and your friends!—with this decadent snack. Pancakes are not just for breakfast, they’re good as snacks too! This is also perfect if you are watching romance movies especially when the protagonist is wallowing in sadness after a breakup. All you need to do is grab a box of pancake mix then follow the instructions in the box on how to cook pancakes. You can do it from scratch if you prefer. Combine chocolate frosting and peanut butter in a bowl then mix until everything is well incorporated. When the pancakes are cooked, spread two tablespoons of frosting on each cake then layer them until you reach the final layer. Put the pancake tower in the refrigerator for an hour to let the frosting set. After an hour, take the cake out and enjoy! You can also add banana slices or chocolate syrup if you want.

  1. Fruit Pizza

Want to deviate from the traditional savory pizza? Try making a fruit pizza! It’s easy, healthy, and customizable, too. Put some oats in the blender or food processor then grind until it reaches a fine, almost flour-like consistency. Add some flour, sugar, cinnamon powder, and milk. Mix until everything is sticky then pat the “pizza dough” down on a greased baking tray. Spread it out then bake in a 350°F oven for 12-15 minutes. While the crust is baking, combine plain yogurt, cinnamon and vanilla extract in a bowl then mix well. This will serve as your frosting. Once the pizza crust is done baking, spread the yogurt frosting evenly before decorating your pizza with whatever fruit you like. You can use strawberries, bananas, peaches, apples, kiwi, or blueberries, depending on your taste.

  1. Non-alcoholic Fruit Punch

Cap things up with a refreshing fruit drink! Pour one liter of fresh orange juice (or strawberry or grapefruit) in a large punch bowl. Add two liters of lemon or lime soda then mix. Finally, take some of you favorite fruit sorbet, scoop in individual glasses, and then serve. You got yourself a delicious drink that was easy and did not need alcohol to make!

About the Author:


Justin is a digital marketing specialist in the Philippines. He loves staring at large amounts of data while trying to figure out what to do with it. He attempts to write and blog during his free time while watching anime and TV series. Usually goes out just to play Pokemon Go. The internet is his playground while the world is his bedroom. He’s still trying to figure out what to do with data.

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Maybe The Best Game of Thrones Episode (Spoiler Alert)

Maybe The Best Game of Thrones Episode (Spoiler Alert)

by Khirol HazwanJune 22, 2016

Watch behind the scene of the Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9 –  The Battle of Bastards.


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10 Things You Should Know About Auto Insurance

10 Things You Should Know About Auto Insurance

by OlieNetSeptember 21, 2015

Auto insurance protect you against financial loss if you have an accident. It is contract between you and the insurance company. You agree to pay the premium and the insurance company agree to pay your losses as defined in your policy.

A policy purchased by vehicle owners to mitigate costs associated with getting into an auto accident. Instead of paying out of pocket for auto accidents, people pay annual premiums to an auto insurance company; the company then pays all or most of the costs associated with an auto accident or other vehicle damage.

car insurance

1.Insurance rate setting

Rate insurance making is the determination of what rates, or premiums, to charge for insurance. A rate is the price per unit of insurance for each exposure unit, which is a unit of liability or property with similar characteristics. Yes, the government has nothing to do with your car insurance rate. Where you live, your credit score, marital status and your driving record is what actually affects your premium.

2.Accident insurance as protection

Some drivers are lucky enough never to have been or to be involved in an accident. However, if by chance you do have an accident; your risk of losing everything is great. Car insurance is the best protection you can have in the event an automobile accident occurs. It’s also a legal issue – you are required, by law, to have some basic form of auto insurance, and failing to do so carries some fairly strict punishments. So, if you never had been involved in a car accident in some certain times, you do still need automobile insurance to protection your better life.

3.Avoid duplicating medical coverage

If you’re already covered with a decent health, life and/or disability insurance policy, just buy the the minimum personal injury protection that your state requires. In some places the reduction is as much as 40%. So, if you have adequate health insurance you could weigh the pros and cons of eliminating this in auto insurance.

4.Safety features can save you money, too.

Did you know that You can often get a discount if you own a car with automatic seat belts, anti-lock brakes and/or daytime running lights? Also, if you have an approved alarm system or other anti-theft device you can save money, too.

5.Put all your family’s vehicles with one insurance carrier.

Many insurance companies will be happy to take your premiums for more than one car at a time. And not only that — if you buy homeowner’s and/or life insurance too, you’ll save even more.

6.Should not be shopping based on price along.

The insurance company should provide good service at the best price. Excellent personal service is available as well, and they provide added conveniences, although they cost a fair bit more. Ask the company how you can lower your costs, and also check their financial ratings. The rule of thumb is always to get three price quotes from three different companies, and pick the one with the best value.

7.Filter some types of coverage from your policy.

Almost all the states require liability coverage for your car, but the rest of the coverage is probably dispensable. However, you do not want to be under insured if you’re in an accident, so it isn’t advisable to remove all of your additional coverage. Optional coverage includes medical payments, uninsured motorist, collision, and comprehensive coverage.

8.Combine your living needs insurance.

Consider availing the insurance from the same company that has you covered for home, accident, or life. Many companies offer concessions to clients who have more than one kind of policy. Known as a multi-policy discount   this could benefit you.

9.Credit scores don’t affect insurance rates.

Most car insurers take a lot of factors into consideration when determining your premium rates. Since your credit score is an indication of how well you manage your financial affairs, many companies look at this number if you want to purchase, renew or change an insurance policy. Most policies are based on your personal credit record. Having an unshakable credit history can lower costs. Pay bills on time, don’t avail too many loans, and be sure that credit balances are as low as possible


10.Rise your deductible.

Choose to have higher deductibles this will reduce the burden by at least 15-25%. But look at your finances first and determine whether you can set aside US$ 200-US$1000 periodically to create an emergency vehicle fund. The higher the deductible, the lower your monthly costs will be.

Make time to make a big saving. Check through all the parameters and mark areas where a saving can be made. The market is competitive and you can be the beneficiary. Pull out your policy now. Hope there may be smart ways you can cut your premiums.


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How to Clean Jewelry at Home – Do It Yourself!

How to Clean Jewelry at Home – Do It Yourself!

by Khirol HazwanSeptember 17, 2015

Do you know that there have different way to take care of your diamond your precious jewelry to make it clean as new. This post I would like to share about different way of cleaning process that you can practice to keep your precious diamond sparkling brilliant again, just like you just buy from jeweler!

Some people rather to do their own diamond cleaning at home. For information, there are some cleaning tips you can try and done at home. However, bear in mind to check the warranty agreement first before doing any jewelry cleaning on your own. If the diamond care included in that warranty agreements, then just go back to the jewelers where you purchase and get the professional cleaning. By the way, if you still interested to do your own cleaning, here is the suggested method.

How to Clean Your Diamond and Jewelry at Home

Home Detergent to Clean Jewelry

The first cleaning method you can try is by using warm and mild detergent bath to clean up you diamond. Just find a bowl and fill it with warm water. Then just add a mild detergent you have near you around the house into that bowl. You can use gentle bathroom cleaner or some people just use the dish detergent.

After that, you need the toothbrush or eyebrow brush do cleaning. You just need to gently brush your diamond with that tool under sudsy water to loosen any dirt or oil on your precious diamond.

How to Clean Jewelry at Home

Afterwards, carefully rinse your diamond by placing it into a strainer with holes smaller than diamond. Then remove all soap by running it under warm water. Please keep in mind that, do not use ‘hard’ detergent like chlorine bleach. That type of cleanser is much too harsh for your jewelry.

Buy the Jewelry Cleaner

Instead of using home ready cleaner, there are also cleaner that specifically for diamond care available at market. You can buy it and just try at home. What you need to do is just follows the instruction carefully on how to dipping your diamond into cleaner. Tips for quick-dip cleaning is don’t touch the diamond right after cleaning. This is to avoid the oils from your finger to be easily transfer to you precious diamond or jewelry. Take your time to allow the diamond to become completely dry after quick-dip cleaning. After dry completely , you can wear your diamond back or return to it storage.

Soaking the Jewelry 

Cold water soak is one of diamond care procedure you can try at home. Fill a bowl with half household ammonia and solution of half cold water. Then just place your diamond into the cleanser and let the diamond soak into its for about 30 minutes.

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaning 

Cleaning tool like diamond ultrasonic cleaning unit also available at market. This type of machine usually have a little cup that you will fill with water and cleanser and place to insert your jewelry. Just turn on the ultrasonic cleansing unit, the rest will done by that ultrasonic cleansing unit. The high speed motion will clean dirt and oils off from you diamond or jewelry.

Store Jewelry Individually 

After done with diamond cleaning process, another important thing is post-cleaning process is how you store the diamond if not wearing it. When storing your diamond or jewelry , please do not mix all of them together. Diamond are gemstones that can scratch other jewelry or diamond. Place your diamond into individual box unless you wrap the each pieces of diamond with tissue paper. Also consider to place the jewelry pieces into fabric lined jewelry box or large case that have individual divider that each have lined with fabric to protect.

Cool Jewelry Storage

That all for this post. Share or like it if you think what I share is useful and informative for you.

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Getting A Good Deal On Thailand Flowers

Getting A Good Deal On Thailand Flowers

by Khirol HazwanSeptember 16, 2015

Oh, you can get flowers delivered most anywhere in the world and that is certainly always an option, however it isn’t really the best option. If you want really fresh flowers in Thailand then you need to stay away from commercial delivery companies and look for local florists and markets. There are many street markets in Thailand and this is where you are most likely to find some of the most fresh and beautiful flowers, as well. A local flower vendor is going to be able to give you the freshest, local flowers that are spectacular in vibrant colors. Thailand is known for it’s amazing and breathtaking flowers.

Pak Klong Talad Fresh Flower

Pak Klong Talad Fresh Flower

Try visiting Pak Khlong Talad (flower market). This is a place that has extremely high ratings online. It is an enormous outdoor flower and fruit market. It covers many streets and is more of an event than a place. You will find flowers in every color, shape and size. You’ll see species of plants here that you have never seen before and never will again. In fact, most people will never visit an outdoor market this large either. It is not only a great place to find bargain flowers, but it is also a Thailand experience that you really should not miss.

Pak Klong Talad

Pak Klong Talad Flower Market

Flowers at this Thailand market will be bundled and laying on display tables, creating a colorful quilt that flows up and down the streets as you walk. Here at the market, you’ll also find spices, fruits and vegetables. These are all grown locally and they are organic. The prices for the food are also very good. This flower market is located in Bangkok, just south of the Grand Palace. As a tourist, you can walk the city streets and view the architecture and the palace as you make your way to the market. It’s a fantastic experience that is truly a once in a lifetime chance.

Here at the market, you can find roses, orchids and many other types of flowers. Many species of flowers at the market will only be found in this part of the world so they will seem quite exotic to the traveler. The best part of all is that it will not break your bank to purchase several of these bundled flowers and to have a fantastic day in the city of Bangkok.

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