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Ways On How to Get Yourself a Job Effortlessly

Ways On How to Get Yourself a Job Effortlessly

by Khirol HazwanApril 29, 2017

Are you one of those individuals who wants to get employedeasily on a business or a company without exerting too much effort, but no avail? Whether you want to be hired in an up-to-date digital marketing business, a thriving information technology company, or in the growingBPO industry, there are several ways and factorsthat you must follow and use to be a part of your chosen enterprise.


Save Time in Job Searching by Using Advanced Search Options

Everybody knows that little “Advanced Search”option in every job board sites, but literally ignores it for some reason. Little do they know how helpful and useful this “Advance Search” optionis.

The Advance Search option is a feature that enables you to search by keyword, location, job title, company, type of job, and the date the job position was posted. By using the Advance Search option, you are then ensuring that you will find a job easily since you will be searching for the exact matches that you want for a job.


Applying for Every Job Is Not Advisable

Though it is totally okay to apply for a number of jobs when you are in the job searching phase. However, applying for every job posting you see in the newspaper or the internet is not always a good idea. Try focusing your search in jobs that you know you are qualified for. By doing this, the chances are high that you are going to be invited for an interview. Remember that sending your resume to random companies is different from job hunting. This is why you should always take your time to decide what type of job you are seeking.

In line with these, it is also better if you create a list of companies you’d like to be part of. Do your best to get noticed by presenting yourself polished and professional both online and in person.


Don’t Stop Applying for Jobs

Some people will ultimately stop applying for jobs the moment they have applied and responded for several job postings. However, this should definitely not be the case. Today, majority of the job seekers today are rejected by a number of employers before they finally land a job. What you should do is to continuously apply and send resumes to different businesses and companies.The possible outcome of this scenario is that you will be juggling numerous job offers, which is a good thing.


Never Underestimate the Power of a Cover Letter

You may have an astounding resume, but the absence of a simple cover letter can result in your resume be overlooked by the businesses and companies that you applied for. This is why crafting a cover letter is an important factor in getting yourself a job. Some businesses and companies screen every applicants’ application forms personally, and often times looks and checks the applicants’ cover letter. For this reason, creating a cover letter for your resume is recommendable if you are going to a job hunting session.


Make Sure You Have Updated Your Resume

Aside from your cover letter, you should also edit and tweak your resume at its finest form. Make sure your resume is free from grammatical errors and updated. By doing this, your application may have a high chance to get picked up by applicant tracking systems that businesses and companies use in screening resumes.

However, updating your resume does not mean that you should include all your past experiences on it. Choosing relevant and up-to-date information about yourself and your work experiences will definitely make an employer or recruiter be attracted to your resume.


Key Takeaway

These guidelines may help you in acquiring a job effortlessly fast. However, remember that there is no easy way in finding and acquiring a job.But by beingprofessional, and at the same time, being yourself, you are ensured that you will find yourself a job that you love.


About the author:

Jeric is a freelance writer that features food, lifestyle, travel, DIY subjects, and nature. He is an adventurer, taking on the world and everything it has to offer, may it be the good and the bad. He also has a weird love for reggae and sharks.

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5 Must Have Tools for Any Architecture Student

5 Must Have Tools for Any Architecture Student

by Khirol HazwanApril 19, 2017


Being a student in one of the universities in Manilais no easy task. This fact is especially true if you are taking architecture as a course. You truly are going to need all the help that you can get. So, you better start going to all your classes and pay a really close attention to your professors.

But there are more to being an architecture student aside from always being present to all you classes. You must also learn how to use specific tools, which you are going to need soon or in the near future.

To help you out, here are some tools you might want to take note of:

Drafting Board


Every architecture student will go through a series of classes on plates and drafting, this is a board you’ll be needing from day 1 till you graduate. Make sure to invest in a drafting board and parallel bar you’re comfortable using and bringing around because they will be your best group mate in all of your drafting classes. Don’t even think of defending for your T-square, those are for amateurs look like a real architect with a drafting board on your table.

Pens and Pencils

This has to almost be a no brainer for any architecture student. Don’t just get typical pens and pencils as you would for notes, architecture requires more than that. This calls for a proper pen drawing kit, one that gives you different pens based on size and type. This could be felt tips, finelinersor even color pens, the different types of pens have their own purposes such as scribbling and color coding.

Drafting Lamp

You’ll need a good lamp for those late nights you’re going to spend bent over the drafting table. Especially late at night or in poorly lit rooms, you shouldn’t let these circumstances prevent you from making your deadlines. Choose a lamp with an LED bulb to properly illuminate your work area.


Whether math skills are the most important skill set you need in order to get through this course is up for debate. Not saying you won’t need it, being good with number is definitely a plus and there will be some subject s that will require you to be. A calculator can help you out with that, specifically a construction calculator. It’s a luxury you should make sure you can afford, you will save yourself a lot of trouble.

Set Square, Curves and Stencils

Even with the rise of many programs that bring architecture to life in your computer you will still need to learn the basics and first form of architecture. You will be sure to face some classes that will require you to hand draw plates. You’re going to need set squares, curves and stencils this will help you create cleaner and sharper lines for your plates. Think of it as a cheat code for drawing, no longer will you see messy and shaky lines on your plates.

Architecture courses require a lot of late nights and hard work. These tools are meant to assist you just for those moments but it doesn’t mean you have these tools you’re ready to conquer the architecture course. A tool is useless if the user has no knowledge how to use them, time to hit the books and equip yourself with these tools and information.


Laurel SantosLaurel Santos may be a 24 year old adult but at her core she is just a little girl full of wonder. She lives in the city and works as a freelance photographer in the Philippines. She manages a small pet shop inside her village. She has a big heart for animals, especially stray dogs. She is an avid travellerbecause she believes that life is not lived within the borders of your own home.  Despite her busy schedule she always finds time to do one thing that she is very passionate about and that is writing

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4 Best Job Opportunities in Singapore

4 Best Job Opportunities in Singapore

by Khirol HazwanMarch 20, 2017

In a world full of innovations, opportunities start popping up in many places. Traveling and communication has become so convenient that those looking to work abroad can make their dreams of getting a room for rent in Singapore a reality.
4 Best Job Opportunities in Singapore

Singapore is one of the fastest developing countries in the world. It wouldn’t be a surprise that there are numerous opportunities for both local and international talent in Singapore. Businesses located in Singapore are heavily invested in staying ahead of the curve that is why they open their doors to applicants worldwide to get the best of the best.

Marketers and Advertisers

 Marketers and Advertisers


This age brings a new importance in the digital platform. Businesses and marketing agencies are looking for fresh new faces to conquer this new age of branding. If you are the type of person who has a knack in marketing and can offer these businesses a new spin on branding, there may be a place for you here. The average income for digital marketers is pretty good too, about SGD6,000 to SGD10,000.


Finance Manager

 Finance Manager

In a country that puts importance in proper resource management having a finance manager for a company has become essential. Finance managers have the huge responsibility to manage a company’s financial assets. It is your job to check and analyze trends in the industry and make strategic decisions to allocate financial resources accordingly. It is up to you to make the most out of the financial resources your company has to put them in the best position to succeed.


Business Analyst


Singapore is known not just as a technological hub of Asia but as the ideal environment for a business to grow and succeed. That is why businesses analysts are in high demand. You are in charge of assessing the overall health of the business, you will have to go through their business model. You may have a hand in overseeing some projects, ultimately you will help the business in implementing strategies and solutions that are cost-effective and efficient.



Software Developer

 Software Developer

The fact that Singapore is not only up to date with technology and systems they aim to be ahead of that curve. There are numerous companies in Singapore that develop and offer different systems to be used by other businesses and even by the everyday consumer. In order to keep up with the demand and stay in front of the trend to make almost everything digital, companies are in need of talented software developers. These software developers are challenged to bring something new on to the board this is why they are open to hiring both local and international prospects.

Singapore is not the only country that realizes that there is talent to be discovered globally. Thanks to the developments in travel and communication these prospects now have an easier time to find these new opportunities and migrate to work. The opportunity is out there for the taking it is just the matter of you taking command of yourself and grabbing these opportunities while they are there.

About the author:

Carl Padilla

A lad who enjoys foodies, technologies, lifestyle, and adventures. I write to inspire and encourage. I enjoy and live every moment because laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever.

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Benefits of a K-12 System

Benefits of a K-12 System

by Khirol HazwanFebruary 23, 2017

There has been a huge significant change in the country’s academic system in the past few years. A new system called as the K-12 has been introduced. Many protests were made against it;but it managed to prevail in the end.

Benefits of K 12 system

This, of course, has affected many educational institutions – including numerous international schools – in the Philippines, which ultimately brought a lot of adjustment to their curriculum.

It is important to note, however, that this new system can bring forth a number of positive things into the nation – particularly to the students and the parents.

K-12 system benefits for students

  • Preparation for tertiary learning – In the K-12 system, two more years is added to high school. This means that students will get more time to prepare and equip themselves with proper knowledge and information before they go to the different colleges and universities in the country. They will also be given a chance to become young adults as they will have more time to mature beforehand.
  • Learning of workforce skills through electives –Electives are subjects that will be provided to SHS (senior high school) students before they graduate high school. This will enable and empower them to learn different skill sets they will need to enter the workforce early on, which means they do not need to enter the tertiary education level to be competent in various fields.
  • High quality education resulting to skill competency – Essentially, the K-12 system aims to enhance the students’ skill sets to become globally competent amongst the stiff job markets in the world. The Department of Education (DepEd) has promised to provide a higher quality education through the help of tracks, which would give students the time they need to learn and master the field and skills they want to pursue after graduating.


K-12 system benefits for parents

  • Affordability – Parents of students, who will be undergoing the K-12 academic system, won’t have to worry about paying extra costs for the additional two years their sons and daughters will be taking in high school. They can rely on government subsidies for they can guarantee that there will be no added costs to their children’s education in public schools. The tuition fees (as well as other school fees) in private schools, on the other hand, will be regulated by DepEd to ensure that they remain reasonable.
  • Curriculum is learner-centered – A student-centered curriculum would mean that students will have a more active role to play in their learning process. SHS students would be even given the chance to choose which field or track they want to learn. Also, they would be the one selecting what to learn, how to learn, and how they will be evaluating their own learning process. Teachers, along with parents, will be there to guide them along the way, of course.
  • Mother tongue as the medium of instruction – The students’ parents won’t have to worry about their child lagging behind due to communication issues, because the country’s mother tongue will be used as the medium of instructions to students in Grade 3 and below. This will especially help children with special needs and those coming from the various indigenous groups in the Philippines understand the lessons better.

These are only some of the benefits students and parents will receive due to the K-12 academic system being enforced in the country. For sure, people are likely to see more of them in the coming years!


About the Author:

Carl Padilla

A lad who enjoys foodies, technologies, lifestyle, and adventures. I write to inspire and encourage. I enjoy and live every moment because laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever.

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4 Unique Learning Methods in 2017

4 Unique Learning Methods in 2017

by Khirol HazwanJanuary 26, 2017

Educators in the best international schools in the Philippines are faced with a dilemma on how to help their students learn more effectively. Students these days are facing more and more distractions thanks to technology and the entertainment it brings, which forces educators and even parents to look for new ways for their kids to learn. A new year brings new possibilities and opportunities for you to introduce your kids to learn in new ways.

Spaced Learning

This is a new learning method created by educators from the Monkseaton High School in Tyne and Wear wherein the learning content is repeated three times in one session. The system will be divided into 5 parts, it will have the three-segmented condensed learning content and will have a 10-15-minute break in between the content. The varied activity will force the brain cells to create associations from the learning content and the physical activities. It will be easier for the kids to remember the content because of the positive associations with it. There is also less stress for the students since the lesson will be repeated and they get to relax in between sessions.

Cooperative Learning

Traditional methods, that some schools still use, has stood the test of time but now educators should aim to restructure their methods and instead of focusing on communicating the content one-way and as much info as possible as well. This structure aims to create content that will encourage engagement between students and teachers as well as between the students themselves. This will promote an environment that is very conducive to learning and could be the birth to unique ideas. This will also turn the kids to active learners instead of passive ones, they will be able to remember the content and even form new ideas and opinions themselves.

Goal Setting

Setting unique and individual goals will help the student track their progress even better. Proper goals that are set will also help the educator to plan for the best ways for the students to achieve these goals. The teacher will also be able to manage their time better by seeing how each student progresses. They can easily see which kids need more assistance and those that need to be challenged a bit more. Helping a kid achieve their goals will increase the mood of the kids and will help them remember the lessons they learned for each goal.


Technology Integration

Children today are privileged to have a tool such as the internet right at the tips of their finger thanks to smartphones, tablets and computer. The problem with this is that some kids are even more savvy than the educators that teach them. This is why educators should invest time into being as savvy with the current wave technology. They can use this technology as new avenues of learning, by connecting with the kids through their interests they will be able to capture their attention easier and the kids may retain the knowledge much better.

The environment that surrounds your kids changes everyday, their interests change and technology develops. The challenge of an educator is to keep up with these changes and adapt in order for them to continue to educate their kids effectively.

About the Author:

Carl Padilla

A lad who enjoys foodies, technologies, lifestyle, and adventures. I write to inspire and encourage. I enjoy and live every moment because laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever.

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How To Earn Big As A Ghostwriter?

How To Earn Big As A Ghostwriter?

by Khirol HazwanSeptember 9, 2016

Academic Ghostwriting makes sense, and it is all about relationships. If you are to grant somebody an opportunity to tell your life story you would want to ensure it is someone whom you know and trusts.It is worth to pursue your freelancing business if you can write just like telling stories of other people. You should not mind anonymity that is associated with ghostwriting.

Tips for Successful Ghostwriters


Some of the top tips that you should have in mind include:

1. Setting clear expectation

One of the critical reasons why ghostwriting gigs fizzle out while halfway the journey is as a result of unclear expectations. For instance, if you engage in ghostwriting a book for someone then you should be in a position of explaining the timeline and process, how many revisions they are going to get, and they time that you will require feedback from them. Just put this in writing. Sometimes, some crazy stuff may happen hence stopping ghostwriting gigs in its tracks. Often, it is miscommunication and some confusing expectations which are going to make a concert fail

2. Working with Contracts

You need to work on contracts so as to protect yourself and your client as well. People who are not committed will be weeded out by requesting the client to sign a contract. If the customer does not flake out then, you will get protected.

3. Recording all the conversations

The audio recorder is the most valuable tool that a ghostwriter must have possess. So as to capture the voices quickly, one should transcribe the recordings and try to pull the phrases as well as sentences from an interview. It will be better if you use two or more devices to make recordings during an interview. Some of the tops recommended voice recording equipment includes;

  • Mobile Apps –
  • Digital recorder
  • Computer – Audacity and Skype call recorder

4. Talking to client as you write

You can imagine talking to a client while you write. When you get stuck in the process of writing, then you can ask your client questions and write the answers. At such a point, you must have spent a good amount of time with your customer. If you practice the exercise, then you are going to get surprised on how quick you begin to think just like your client.

5. Creating a style guide for client

Each and every one has some phrases or words that we use regularly; clients have them also. What you need to do is to listen carefully to the conversation with a customer or go ahead and examine writing for the vernacular which makes them unique. Go ahead and make a note of the words, add them to the style guide of your client. Remember some clients can be uncomfortable with some words.


Ghostwriting can quickly change your writing career and your life too. It is one of the most rewarding jobs to be done in the writing industry. You can do it personally or monetarily. You can start by writing a blog post and articles for as low as $ 10. Ghostwriting is what is going to make you realize that you can make a sedentary living as a freelancer. This academic ghostwriting can make you do what you like and serve amazing people and get the pay that you deserve.

Daniel McKancy is interested in education programs and he dreams to become an academic ghostwriter

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Detailed and Practical Tips for Job Interview

Detailed and Practical Tips for Job Interview

by Khirol HazwanSeptember 14, 2015

Like every individual having a unique personality, every job interview is unique in its own sense. However, there are certain tips that can help you to avoid the pitfalls that ensure your exit.

So, practicing certain cautions and keeping in mind some tips can help you perform better in the job interview. Though never forget that it always remains on your shoulders how you deliver what you have studied, learned or worked upon.

Detailed and Practical Tips for Job Interview

Let’s take a peep in some of tips in the broader sense:

Know the position and company you are applying for

It is absolutely necessary to know about the company you are applying for. Apart from understanding the business, services, or other related information, you should also know about its whereabouts and what they stand for. You should also understand the importance of the position in the organization for which you are applying.

Going deeper, as you walk in the interview room, try sneak a peek on the facilities, sign boards, regulatory displays like state labor law posters that carry information about payment and others (note that the state labor laws regarding work may vary from state to another, for instance the minimum wage requirement might be different from New York to Texas, labor law posters, or some inspirational quotes hung by HR people. You might mention any of this when you describe why you would love to work for them.

Office motivation quote

Know your strengths and weaknesses

It is important to mentally assess yourself. You must know exactly what you are good at and what you don’t know. Avoid pretentious behavior while facing an interview. You should very clearly know what value you can bring to the position and the organization as a whole.

strength vs weakness

At the same time, you should know every inch of your resume and what projects you have worked on in the past. If you can get some reference from your colleagues or your seniors, nothing would match that.

Practice and prepare

It is good to prepare for some standard questions like “tell about yourself’ or “why you are leaving your previous job”. You must be very clear in your answer and should avoid jargons or slangs. In general, use complete sentences though answers should be to the point.

Prepare yourself for the interview in a professional manner. Your dress, your hair style, your body language and your gesture would all account for the success of your interview.

Answer in a polite way

Never rant as you answer. Keep a warm tone and try to answer the questions: You can go in details if the interviewer allows but don’t try to impose your opinions. It is considered good if you are passionate about new ideas and open to suggestions that can bring positive change.

Ask only relevant questions

Your interviewer will allow you to ask questions. You should be prepared for that. You can ask about the learning opportunities, organizational structure, and focus on innovation. That would encourage the interviewer to know that you have hunger for development.


Apart from these general guidelines, you should also avoid these tidbits:

  • Bad temper and stressed appearance
  • Lying about your skills
  • Not doing your homework on the company and position
  • Being too loud or too slow as you speak
  • Not able to answer what you have stated in your resume
  • Not listening attentively to the interviewer
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