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The Best Top 5 Malaysia Web Hosting Provider For Personal & Business

The Best Top 5 Malaysia Web Hosting Provider For Personal & Business

by Khirol HazwanJuly 15, 2016

Starting the web based online business or personal blog required good and reliable web hosting provider. This to ensure the minimal breakdown time and able to handle sudden spike on incoming web traffic. Malaysia now is in massive increment of internet user as also for tech company that provide web hosting services. Each hosting is offering and provide the best features, that include special promotion for their new or loyal customer.  Here is the list of the best web hosting from Malaysia. The list is based on customer review, experience, reliability, price tag and popularity among webmaster. Here we go, the best top 5 Malaysia web hosting provider!

Top 5 Malaysia Best Web Hosting Provider

Top 5 Malaysia Best Web Hosting Provider

Best 1# Serverfreak

This company is established since 2003 and having more than 10 year experience (13 year on 2016, to be exact) as the one of the best Malaysia web hosting provider.  Serverfreak Malaysia web hosting provider is recommend by webmasters, personal & professional blogger. In fact, this site AsiaCube is using Serverfreak as official hosting provider.

Top 5 Malaysia Best Hosting Provider - Serverfreak

What make Serevrfreak the best web hosting company is they are truly give what they are offered. No gimmick, no misleading promotion is the key success of Serverfreak in web hosting industries. They truly offered what the company expertise , the web hosting!

Different web hosting package are available to be purchased with affordable price. The complete information of the hosting package can viewed here.

Best 2# Exabytes

The Exabytes is one of the best web hosting provider at Malaysia. This company is offering  web hosting service and also domain name registration. The Exabytes has experienced as the Malaysia web hosting provider since 2001. The Exabytes  is certificated:  ISO 9001-2008 standard as their proof in management & quality Standard. Now the customer for Exabytes web hosting is more than 50k user worldwide.

Top 5 Malaysia Best Hosting Provider - Exabytes

The Exabytes also offer the service for domain name registration that includes the Top Level Domain (TLD) such as .com, .net, .info, .biz.  For Malaysian customer, the Exabytes is offering registration for country level domain such as .my &

The hosting packages offered by Exabytes is ideal for Malaysian customer. The web hosting package available based on customer requirement;  start with Beginner Hosting package, Student Hosting package, Business Hosting package and also Premium Hosting package. Each web hosting package has different price tag and read more detail here.

Best 3# NetKL

NetKl is one of quality hosting provider from Malaysia. This web hosting also give the lowest affordable price especially targeted for new blogger or student, simply give NetKL one of Malaysia best web hosting!

The price is started from RM60 per year with free domain!! This hosting package is the great deal for new blogger or student who is dreams to have a website. With 10GB storage and 110GB monthly bandwidth, the web hosting is perfect and ideal choice for new user.

Top 5 Malaysia Best Hosting Provider - NetKL

Another hosting package also available and come with other great features. Simply follow this link to read more about this Malaysia best web hosting.

Best 4# Fivio

Fivio is one of the best Malaysia web hosting. This web hosting company started the operation at year 2003 and proven to have good web hosting service history till nowadays. This entire web hosting operations including servers, network equipment and hardware maintenance is done totally by Fivio team. There is no middle-man and 100% is managed by Fivio team. This is to guarantee the good hosting service and become one of the best Malaysia web hosting.

Top 5 Malaysia Best Hosting Provider - Fivio

Just like another hosting provider, there is different package available. Simply go to Fivio website to find more about the packaged offered.

Best 5# DataKL

This web hosting provider is based at Kuala Lumpur since year 2006 and offered the affordable hosting package started from RM95  per year. This DataMini package comes with 5GB storage and 35GB bandwidth per month.

Top 5 Malaysia Best Hosting Provider - DataKL

The DataMini package is perfect choice for personal blog that receive high visitor traffic,  since the bandwidth offered is high. DataKl also offered another hosting package and visit this link to find out about another hosting package offered by this Malaysia best web hosting provider.

New Hosting Provider  Versus  Top 5#  Malaysia Best Web Hosting

There is plenty of new and existing web hosting provider for Malaysia market. These new comer are also good and reliable as the above Top 5 Malaysia Best Hosting Provider.  Do the research and read other user review before trying any new web hosting. Maybe can get new good web hosting company  and extend above list on  Malaysia Best Hosting Provider.