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8 Reasons Why SEO is Still Relevant Today

8 Reasons Why SEO is Still Relevant Today

by Khirol HazwanSeptember 17, 2016

Companies are getting interested in the SEO the Philippines. A reason behind that is they want to be on the first page. They want to be the first result, not the competition. Investing in SEO means that their company and brand is getting exposure 24/7, even if there isn’t anyone awake. This makes sure that they gain new customers all the time. Some people don’t believe in it, but here are a few reasons to change their mind and yours.

SEO can give users a good experience when visiting your site, and this can make them tell others about your brand. What SEO does is it provides users and potential customers a fast and friendly experience. Search engines give the user what they want and you get customers. When a visitor is happy with what they see, they will surely return.

SEO widens the reach of your brand. If a user searches for a term looking for a specific result and he gets the exact thing he’s looking for, then it means your brand and the search engine is good. Because of this, he’ll be inclined to tell his friends what he’s found, whether in person or on social media such as Facebook or Twitter. He’ll share with them the link if he decides to send it through social media, giving you more traffic and more potential customers. If they find your brand is good enough, then you get more people show up at your shop.

With SEO, there is no need for all that fancy marketing. When someone searches for a specific thing, it means they already know about it and they want a specific result. If they see what they’re looking for or what they want to see on the top five results in the first page, then you’ve got yourself a potential customer! Now all you have to do is convince them that you’re a good enough brand for them, which is also half of the battle. You do that when they visit your site, and that’s what SEO does, too, they give potential customers the best and friendliest experience possible when they use your site.

SEO enforces brand awareness. People trust search results. If someone searches for something, say, cookies, and a bakery or a pastry shop called Martha’s Cookies show up at number 1, then Martha’s Cookies has the best cookies in town. But before they believe that, they’re going to have to click on some other links or bookmark Martha’s Cookies site. If the said brand shows up several more times as they conduct a more thorough search, they might have already clicked on their site and have made a decision whether or not to go try Martha’s Cookies.

SEO can give you information about your customers. Well, not literally, but the analytics can help you see where your customers are coming from if they’ve been visiting your website, what time of the day they’re visiting and what days, and even how much time they’ve spent on your website. When you get to know your customers better, you’ll know how to serve them better, which means you’ll get an even higher return on your investments.

SEO can be a big help to companies who want to look into the behavior of their customers as this can help them serve them better. This can also help them spread awareness of their brand to get noticed, and getting noticed means getting visitors, and getting visitors mean they’ll get sales!

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