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8 Beach Activities for Your Next Outing

8 Beach Activities for Your Next Outing

by Khirol HazwanOctober 26, 2016

Going out of town is an activity where most families and friends look forward to especially when we recently experienced stressful and hectic moments in our daily lives. Beach trips are considered as one of the ideal out of town trips there are where people can easily go to from time to time. There are gorgeous spots in Romblon’s beach resorts, Batangas’ beaches, and other provinces with remarkable places. If you’ve decided to head on to a beach resort, consider doing these beach activities soon.


  1. Building a sandcastle

You’ve seen children build sandcastles out there; it certainly looks fun to do. Try to make one with your children or the young ones once you’ve settled in a beach resort. Grab up some shovel and can to store your sand and mix with some water then you’re ready to go! Be creative in creating a sandcastle because our imagination is endless, feel like a kid along the way.

  1. Sunbathing

Even though most of us already have tanned skin due to the tropical season we have, some still opt to go sunbathing to keep their bodies tan or maintain their color perfectly on how they prefer. Get a long chair you can lie down on or a towel to put on the shore, a tanning spray or lotion, and shades then you’re good to go.

  1. Flying a kite

It may be hard to fly a kite because some beaches don’t have strong winds to fly a kite. If you still want to try to do this, bring one and let’s hope that it will become a perfect season to fly a kite in the sky.

  1. Playing beach volleyball

Most resorts have a playing net on the shore because many tourists play beach volleyball. If lucky the resort you’ll go to has one, don’t hesitate to play as it is guaranteed that you will have fun along the way. Usually volleyballs are rented in the venue so ask around to know. Better yet, bring your own volleyball.

  1. Stargazing

At night, gather with your friends or loved ones outdoors and get a towel or mat to stay on the sand. Most beaches have the perfect night sky (that is if it’s not the rainy season) which makes it an ideal beach activity to stargaze. Simply stare at the stars and appreciate how beautiful the world is.


  1. Social gathering

Social gathering means a lot of things, it is usually best done with alcoholic drinks to make the day more fun. Just make sure that you won’t get too drunk because you might disturb the others! Moderately drinking is just enough. Eating is also a suggested way to make socializing better.

  1. Chilling with a bonfire

Ah, bonfires make a beach night a perfect night to keep all of you warm and cozy. Ask someone in the resort to help you set up a bonfire. You just need some firewood and some paper to light your own bonfire.


  1. Extra: skinny dipping

Most people will consider this activity risky and stupid, but it’s fun to do at least once in your lifetime! Make sure once you do this, it’s night so people won’t see what you don’t want to see. It certainly feels different from wearing our usual swimwear. Think thoroughly if you’ll do this and make sure it’s with your friends!

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