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6 Ways to Protect Your Car This Summer

6 Ways to Protect Your Car This Summer

by Khirol HazwanMarch 12, 2017

The summer season has always been associated with fun and enjoyment. Because of this, people are often quick to dismiss all the health hazards that come with the heat. Diseases such as heat stroke, sunburn, etc. are too common at this time of the year; one must take extra precautions not to acquire them.


But people aren’t the only ones being affected by the summer sun. Cars – much like the Toyota Wigo in the Philippines – are also getting burnt. This would mean that vehicle owners must take extra care of them during this season.

Here’s what you can do:


Frequently wash your car

After a long day of being subjected to the sun, your car requires some washing to get rid of all the dirt and grime it has acquired on your journey. Take it to the carwash as often as you can, so it can be washed properly. If you are trying to save some money, then you may, of course, wash it on your own. Just be sure to do it under the shade so your car can rest from the sunlight.


Properly dry your car after every wash

Driving your car without drying it after a wash is never a good idea. This, essentially, will not do you or your car any favor. In fact, it can be damaging to the vehicle’s exterior. As much as possible, you want to dry it using a nice cotton rag or a chamois cloth before taking it to another journey under the summer heat.


Don’t forget to polish and wax

The summer sun brings extra ultraviolet radiation that can destroy your automobile’s paint job. If you don’t want this to happen, then you would take extra time to polish and wax its exterior. Remember that a good waxing can ultimately prevent any damage done by chemical and natural pollutants to your car!


Park under the shade

Your car doesn’t need to be subjected under unnecessary dose of sunlight, which is why you must be smart when it comes to the parking. Always opt for parking under the shade and not under the sun’s blazing heat. Spend a little extra time looking for a spot under a tree or pay the fee to park in an undercover parking area. If you cannot afford these options, you can park under the sun but be sure to come back as soon as possible.


Clean your car’s interior often

Your car’s exterior is not the only one you should worry about. Its interior is just as important so make sure not to neglect it. After all, the sun’s heat and dust can very much wreak havoc to the inner part of your car.

There are numerous vehicle-friendly cleaners you can use when you’re tidying up your car. Be sure to opt for them or you can run the risk of further damaging it.


Consider investing in paint protection film

Applying paint protection film to your car is an ideal way of going the extra mile to protect it from the sun’s harmful rays. There are several kits you can check out; some of them provide various ranges of protection for your vehicle. You can get them from your car provider or from various auto shops across the country!

Avoid unnecessary damages to your car this summer. Adhere to these ways above to ensure your vehicle’s protection from the sun!


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