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6 Life Lessons Kids Can Learn while Camping

6 Life Lessons Kids Can Learn while Camping

by Khirol HazwanApril 5, 2017

Today, there are so much outdoor recreational activities for families to choose from. A few examples of them, which you can partake in the Philippines, are glamping, mountain biking, hiking, birdwatching, parasailing, and windsurfing. Parents will be glad to hear that most of them are kid-friendly, which means they can take them this summer to enjoy themselves.

However, it is important to note that when it comes to kid-friendliness, nothing beats a classic camping trip. After all, it teaches them several significant life lessons, such as:

The importance of planning

Every camping trip starts with proper planning and preparation. Teach your kids the importance of strategy and goal setting by discussing the details of your camping trip with them. Include them with you in deciding about the food you will eat, the location of your campsite, the necessary supplies you need to take with you, as well as the games you are going to play once you have settled.



Teamwork is necessary during camping trips, particularly since there is a lot of work that needs to be done like setting up on camping grounds. Let them help you with things such as pitching up your tent (or RV), unpacking all your stuff, and placing them in ideal spots. By doing this, you are teaching them the value of teamwork and taking initiatives when helping others.


Personal responsibility


Campsites can run rugged every once in a while, particularly when you are busy with other activities, which is completely fine and understandable. But be sure to tidy it up especially before you go to sleep. Ask your kids to be accountable for their things. This will educate them to be responsible early on. It will also instil them how to be tidy in their surroundings.


Unplugging can be fun

Kids these days seem to always be in front of television, computer, smartphones, or tablet screens. Basically, it is their way of having fun but bringing them to a camping trip – which essentially renders these new technologies as useless – will teach them that there are actually other ways of having fun. Introduce them to old games you used to play on the streets when you were younger.


Be appreciative


Camping trips are the perfect time to teach your children to live with fewer things. Show them how air conditioners are not a necessity they really need in life. Tell them how lucky they are to have these luxuries. If you show them this, they will immediately become appreciative of things like electricity, hot showers, and running water.


Respect nature

Respect nature

Mother Nature is the reason why camping trips are memorable. Educate your children about its importance in the world. Tell them that the environment deserves to be protected. Teach them simple ways to value it. One example is to always be responsible for the trash on your campsite. Be sure to show them a good example in this regard.


Remember that your kids will look up to you when they don’t know what to do during your camping trip. Be sure to provide them a good example when you do so. You should, after all, practice what you preach!


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