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5 Travel Tips For a Safe Road Trip

5 Travel Tips For a Safe Road Trip

by Khirol HazwanJanuary 18, 2017

The year 2017 can symbolize many things for a lot of people. For some, it could be the year they finally decide to put their health and fitness first and foremost. Others would want to set their aspirations to finally take the career path they want to pursue; while the rest just want to have more adventures in the New Year.

None of them are greater than the others because all of them are unique in their own rights. But surely the last group of people, who want to go on more adventures, cannot be faulted. After all, there are so many places you can explore in this world. All these people need to do is to plan, prepare, and be safe on their journey – particularly if they are taking their Toyota Vios in the Philippines for a road trip.

Here are some simple travel tips to follow:

Schedule a Tune-Up

road trip

The first thing you must take care of when planning for a (long) road trip is to schedule a tune-up for your car. Have a qualified mechanic check your vehicle’s air conditioner, fluids, belts, battery, and tires. You do not want to be surprised with a sudden mishap just because you choose not to tune-up your car. Moreover, you might also want to consider checking your motor oil. You want it to have a high viscosity since you are driving in a hot country.

Get Enough Rest

Your car is not the only thing that should be in its best condition on a long journey. You, yourself, must be well rested. After all, you are going to drive for a long time to arrive to your destination. You should sleep plenty of hours the night before your road trip and if possible switch your driving duties with another adult so you don’t get exhausted.

Plan Your Route and Share It

There are many devices you can use to make sure you arrive safely to your destination. GPS is the most commonly used by travellers to map out their route. It is a good idea to do this beforehand so you immediately know where to go. After choosing your route, you may want to share it to the hotel or the people you are going to visit – as well as with another person back home – so they know where you are going and whether you should have arrived at your destination already.

Prepare for a Long Journey

Estimate how much time you are going to spend on your journey. Prepare all the things you think you are going to need along the way, including food, beverages, and an emergency kit. Your emergency kit should contain the following:

  • A first-aid kit (bandages and medicines)
  • A cell phone with full batteries
  • Flares
  • Jump cables
  • Flashlights
  • Warm blankets
  • Water

Check Your Backseat

This is an important thing you need to do before you go on your road trip. You must check your backseat for anything that could be used as a projectile in case you encounter a crash. Remove objects such as toys, hard books, loose change, and knobs that can be removed easily for they can hit you in case of a car crash.

Follow these simple travel tips to assure you are going to have a fun and safe journey!      

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