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5 Tips on How To Avoid a Hangover

5 Tips on How To Avoid a Hangover

by Khirol HazwanApril 5, 2017

Drinking is a pastime enjoyed by many all around the world, several brands are staple in the drinking industry like Guinness, Belvedere, or the world famous Jack Daniels. The Philippines is one such country that enjoys the occasional drink of beer or rum; you can even see alcoholics drink right on the street. Truly, drinking is an enjoyable pastime but the enemy of drinkers is the hangover that comes the morning after. Sure, drinking has its pros and cons but a hangover can definitely outweigh the pros. Drinkers always looked for a cure to the infamous hangover, some worked while some didn’t; but why cure something that you can actually prevent?

If you want proven tips on how to avoid hangovers, here’s a list of them:

#1. Burgers Over Salads

 If you’re eating before having a drink, eat burgers instead of salads; this relates to how you actually metabolize alcohol (which is affected by what you eat). An expert in alcohol research says that eat food that are high in carbs, proteins, and amino acids before you take your first sip of alcohol, they help process the ugly byproducts of alcohol, therefore lessening the chances of having a hangover the morning after.



 Before you go to a night out of drinking and partying, make sure to get a good sleep to refresh your body. Going to a night out without rest will directly affect your body’s response to alcohol intake; while having a good rest before going out will help your immunity to alcohol and having a refreshed body will make you last a little longer.


#3. Bring Gatorade

 While drinking, your body dehydrates faster because alcohol actually causes you to pee more than usual, to replenish the fluids you lost, most would recommend drinking water in between drinking alcohol; although true, sipping gatorade or coconut water is actually a better substitute to water because they replace the fluids and at the same time replace the nutrients you lose while drinking. Doing this will not only help you avoid dehydration but also prevents you from having a nasty headache after drinking.


#4. Splurging On A Night Out

 This may sound unnecessary and expensive but if you really hate hangovers, you need to pay the price; buying high-end alcoholic drinks will help you prevent hangovers because top-shelf drinks are filtered more thoroughly than cheap drinks which can lessen the possibility of having a hangover. Also, the price will make you sip it slowly, therefore actually lessening the alcohol that you intake.


#5. Drink Water Before Sleeping

 If you forgot to drink water while having a night out, make sure to drink it before you sleep because too much of the bad kind (alcohol) will definitely give you a hangover. So, try to drink as much of the good kind (water) as you can, BUT remember that don’t overdrink water because this will put unnecessary stress on your body and actually make you sleep less because of the bathroom breaks while sleeping. Always drink a glass or two before you sleep to have more of the good kind rather than the bad stuff.

Drinking will always be enjoyable but what people always forget is to drink moderately, having to much of something is bad for you, even if you want it. So, try to keep in mind what’s shown here and hopefully, you’ll never have a hangover ever again.


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