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5 Must Have Tools for Any Architecture Student

5 Must Have Tools for Any Architecture Student

by Khirol HazwanApril 19, 2017


Being a student in one of the universities in Manilais no easy task. This fact is especially true if you are taking architecture as a course. You truly are going to need all the help that you can get. So, you better start going to all your classes and pay a really close attention to your professors.

But there are more to being an architecture student aside from always being present to all you classes. You must also learn how to use specific tools, which you are going to need soon or in the near future.

To help you out, here are some tools you might want to take note of:

Drafting Board


Every architecture student will go through a series of classes on plates and drafting, this is a board you’ll be needing from day 1 till you graduate. Make sure to invest in a drafting board and parallel bar you’re comfortable using and bringing around because they will be your best group mate in all of your drafting classes. Don’t even think of defending for your T-square, those are for amateurs look like a real architect with a drafting board on your table.

Pens and Pencils

This has to almost be a no brainer for any architecture student. Don’t just get typical pens and pencils as you would for notes, architecture requires more than that. This calls for a proper pen drawing kit, one that gives you different pens based on size and type. This could be felt tips, finelinersor even color pens, the different types of pens have their own purposes such as scribbling and color coding.

Drafting Lamp

You’ll need a good lamp for those late nights you’re going to spend bent over the drafting table. Especially late at night or in poorly lit rooms, you shouldn’t let these circumstances prevent you from making your deadlines. Choose a lamp with an LED bulb to properly illuminate your work area.


Whether math skills are the most important skill set you need in order to get through this course is up for debate. Not saying you won’t need it, being good with number is definitely a plus and there will be some subject s that will require you to be. A calculator can help you out with that, specifically a construction calculator. It’s a luxury you should make sure you can afford, you will save yourself a lot of trouble.

Set Square, Curves and Stencils

Even with the rise of many programs that bring architecture to life in your computer you will still need to learn the basics and first form of architecture. You will be sure to face some classes that will require you to hand draw plates. You’re going to need set squares, curves and stencils this will help you create cleaner and sharper lines for your plates. Think of it as a cheat code for drawing, no longer will you see messy and shaky lines on your plates.

Architecture courses require a lot of late nights and hard work. These tools are meant to assist you just for those moments but it doesn’t mean you have these tools you’re ready to conquer the architecture course. A tool is useless if the user has no knowledge how to use them, time to hit the books and equip yourself with these tools and information.


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