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10 Blogger Terbaik Malaysia ( Malaysia Best Blog )

10 Blogger Terbaik Malaysia ( Malaysia Best Blog )

by Khirol HazwanSeptember 5, 2013

10 blogger terbaik Malaysia is the main keyword for SEO contest organized by Malaysian blogger. The SEO contest main sponsor is Oh! Cikgu and have another sponsor from various sources. This SEO contest offer the great prizes for blogger and webmasters that can rank the keyword “10 blogger terbaik Malaysia” ( Top 10 Malaysian Blogger)  on Google SERP.  Winner blog will be chosen for blog that can rank for Top 3 results in Google search till the end of competition time.

The competition to rank the keyword is high since many Top Blog and SEO gurus join this event. AsiaCube feel that this competition is interesting and want join joins this event. So, here is some of strategy that will be used by AsiaCube. This blog post will explain the SEO strategy to get top 3 search result for keyword 10 blogger terbaik Malaysia ( Top 10 Malaysian Blogger) .

10 blogger terbaik Malaysia

SEO Blueprint to Rank 10 Blogger Terbaik Malaysia

Actually, Google always change the game board.  So many changes happen after super evil Google Update – Panda & Penguin. Many webmaster give up for SEO and some that survive looking for alternative and search another ways to blend them with Google change. However, the two fact here is that still become main SEO fundamental – On-Page & Off-Page Search Engine Optimization.

Google love SEO optimised page. When try to optimized page with keyword such as “10 blogger terbaik Malaysia” , must put in mind that the page that created must totally relevant to keyword. Over optimized also bring negative value, since Google know if the page created just to rank for some keyword.  Good practise here is making page relevant and natural in Google eyes.

10 Blogger Terbaik Malaysia – On Page Optimization

Quality content is the important point for on-page optimization. Write the content that relevant to the keyword we want rank for. When we talk about the article quality, the article written must be unique, original, readable and informative. Copied content or spun article totally risk to be penalty by Google or worst never been indexed.

The length of article also brings important issues here. Suggested length is at least 450 words. More is better since it can give more keyword relevancy, more room for keyword and keyword density can be optimized at 2-4%.  There is great WordPress plug-in to check the on-page SEO score available on the market such as SEOPressor. The plugin automatically check the onpage  SEO score for you.

10 Blogger Terbaik Malaysia – Off Page Optimization

The off-page optimization is about doing the backlink to the page. The backlink is voting for page to get high ranking on Google SERP. Here is the main factor how to get rank on search engine. More relevant, quality vote (backlink) more change for you to get rank higher on SERP.

Doing backlink is very time consuming and hard. Most of SEO expert will using the SEO software to do the backlink campaign. Manual baclinking offer more great quality, but why need  to spend so much time in manual backlinking, if there is the software exist to do the job?  The two main SEO software popular within webmaster is SenukeXcr and Srcapebox. However, how do this two great software really help in campaign to rank the contest keyword “10 Blogger Terbaik Malaysia”?

Common backlink type is by using Tier or link wheels. Using Tier strategy can be portrayed as pyramid, where the top of pyramid is page we want to rank for.  Quality backlink is pointed directly to page we want to rank is called Tier 1. Then Tier 1 will get backlink from Tier 2 and so on. Link wheels is where the each site pointing backlink to each other to get the ‘link juice’ flow to each others, then bring the page to top.

Link diversity is important in backlinking campaign. The purpose is to minimize the footprints and making sure Google not mark our page as spamming and get de-indexed in search engine. Here the SEO software such as SenukeXcr really helps because it can support many type of backlink such as Social Networks, Social Bookmarking, Wiki, Web2.0 Profile, Forum Profile, PDF, article directory and press released.  Having the qulity content + Senuke Xcr automation + backlink diversity can guarantee good rank for keyword  10 blogger terbaik Malaysia (Top 10 Malaysian Blogger).

Scarpebox helps in backlinking the bottom level of backlink structures. With list of auto-approve comment, this tool can give hundred to thousand backlink per day! However, blasting to many link to rank 10 Blogger terbaik Malaysia in a day is not smart and will raise the spam flag. Just let the link increase and grow in natural ways from days to days.

Who is the 10 Blogger Terbaik Malaysia ( Top 10 Malaysian Blogger)

Enough with SEO strategy, here is the list 10 Blogger Terbaik Malaysia (Top 10 Malaysian Blogger). Most of the blogger/webmaster is already famous and well known. Some is the blogger don’t want to be too famous and just stay low profile. However, every blogger is the best blogger. Should be prized with title blogger terbaik Malaysia.

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